Objection Just Texted Me.

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Objection is coming over later, and we’re going out again tonight.  I get my monthly allowance, and he needs to give me details on his work event that is upcoming this week. I’ve been invited as his date, as I usually am for his business events. I like them, because I enjoy mingling with his coworkers, who are usually lawyers and businessmen with wit and charm. They like that I match up to that, but do so with class. I’m not stupid, and I always have some form of a comeback. I’m not sloppy or out of order with it though. His coworkers like me, their wives and girlfriends do not.

That is one of the only reasons I dislike this event.  The women hate me because they think I want their husbands, or they know who I am and in what relation I am to Objection. They hate that I have a French accent and I’m small and sweet.

So Objection will be over tonight, and is apparently giving me extra for a dress. Objection is larger than life, and wants to make sure I represent that in how beautiful I look. Attractiveness and grace is a must at these events. I laugh sweetly, sit lightly, talk softly, touch seductively. I’ve played this game before and I know all the stops. Batter your eyelashes twice, not too obviously, and raise the corner of your mouth ever so slightly for that “come hither” look. Objection wants these men to be jealous. He knows I’ll be able to do that for him. I love it.

Objection wanted to know where I wanted to go. I may just cook for him at our house, make love and then get some drinks at a lounge.

I’m starting to wonder if Objection wants to take this relationship to more of a commitment. That’s just the vibe I get though.








One thought on “Objection Just Texted Me.

  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Do not think that he wants to take it to the next level if he has “always loved the single life.” This may sound generic but if you start to think like that then the idea of taking things further will drive you insane until you f*ck it up with this guy by demanding more commitment. Just let things happen, as in do not think about it and if he asks for more and you still want it then go for it.

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