Who’s Your Daddy and What Does He Do?

First of all, I have three sugar daddies, verging on number four. All my sugar daddies know about each other.

My SD, Objection, came into my life around 2 years a go when I was working another barista job. He would come in everyday, order the same thing, sit down, and call me over. At first it was small things he’d comment on. “SB, I love the coffee today. Did you do anything differently?”  or “SB, I love your hair today, you should wear it like that more often.” It later came down to “SB, I got you these earrings to go with that new necklace I see you wearing.”  Back then I barely knew about the sugar world, and had heard the term “sugar daddy” in passing.  Nothing more.  I soon gave him the pet name Objection, as he works as a lawyer, and when he is opposed to something, he autonomously says “Objection.” I’ve always found it an adorably quirk about him.

Objection is in his late 30’s and

tall, dark and handsome. He works for a large law firm in NYC, and makes a lot  of money. He is one of my richer SD’s. He is NOT married, as he’s always loved the single life. I’m not his only sugar baby, though, I think I’m his favorite.  Objection pays my apartment and gives me a monthly allowance of around 8,000, and gave me my dog Snapple. He’s a big part of my life not only financially but emotionally. He’s my friend above all.

Objection came over last night to pick me up for food at Delmonico’s.  It’s the best food in New York, and if you haven’t been there, you should hop your booty over there pronto. We talked about my job, life, love. People often ask if I love my SD’s, and I do, but in many different ways.  Objection is the man who I could see myself with though, we have a special connection above all. He helps me with university work, he helps me through personal problems, and he’s helped me take legal action when needed.  We see each other a couple of times a week, as he lives somewhat close too me. His other sugar babies live a bit further, so I’m usually the one who is spoiled with his time and affection.

We went back to his for a night cap. I’ve been spending the night at his more lately. Sex is great with him. It’s fresh every time we fuck, and we’ve been at it for a few years. It never gets old.  Objection isn’t lacking in that department anyway, and when I go down on him, it’s hard to fit the full length of his cock in my mouth. I’m bisexual, so we’ve had threesomes with his other sugar baby L. I’d go down on her pussy while he fucks me.  We’ve done with another guy, his best friend, and myself. His best friend was married, unhappy, and hadn’t got any in months.  Objection loves it when I act like a slut for him. I was happy to oblige.

I made the walk of shame at 4am this morning, ran home, got ready to work, and went to work, and remembered I don’t even have a shift today. So now it’s nearly 8am, and I’m wide awake.

My other sugar daddy, JK, is married with three kids. He’s in his late forty’s, not-s0-handsome, has his own business, and was born into money. I’ll call him JK on here, because he looks like Jack Nicholson / Kelsey Grammar if they had a lovechild. We don’t have sex, by my choice (it doesn’t feel right because he’s married, that’s just my personal opinion though) He comes to me a couple of times a month. He rants to me about home life, about work life, about personal issues. We never talk about me though.  I always feel some level of disconnect with JK. He’s a sweet enough guy, just doesn’t really care for anyone as much as himself. His youngest child is six, and he isn’t involved much. I often wonder if his wife feels like a single mother. He’s never home. Always on business. Plus, he has mistresses. Quite a few.  I remember a few months a go looking on her facebook and looking her picture wondering about her. She looks sweet. And every time he has called her, or she called him, she sounds sweet.

My third SD, Green, is shy, respectful, and quiet. Unlike Objection and JK, who love to be loud and let themselves be known. He is more of a wallflower. He loves spoiling me and donates regularly to charities. He does not live in NYC like JK and Objection, he lives in Chicago… However, he comes to NYC a lot for business.  We’ve taken mission trips together, such as when Japans earthquake hit. Green and I went there as soon as we could to help out.  I call green, Green, because he’s eco-conscience and a vegetarian. Plus, he is always buying me plants for my apartment, or flowers, and encouraging me to live “greener.”

I met JK and Green on an online sugar daddy dating site after I had met Objection.

I don’t have a very cookie cutter type SD-SB relationship with Objection, but he’s very special too me.  All my sugar daddies are important too me, just in different ways. I think it’s hard to be a SB sometimes, because you have to juggle the line between girlfriend, diva, and friend… But it’s something you get used too and learn to enjoy. Plus, the $10,000 hotels and $300,000 necklaces help.

For those wondering why I still have a barista job when I could easily live off what my SD’s give me… I enjoy work, and I enjoy coffee. I love my job. I’m hoping to move upward to bigger dreams, but right now, I like being ‘just a girl working at a coffee place.’


One thought on “Who’s Your Daddy and What Does He Do?

  1. Did you say 800o a month and apartment. And 300k necklace I do not believe the necklace part you would have invested that and started your own business.. I’m not sure I believe you. Does green give you money? Does jk? I’m sure they don’t see you more then once a month and can’t give you more then 2000 per trip. I’m sure jk doesn’t give you more then 400 for zero sex. I’m not sure if I believe your story actually. Im not sure. I ve zero exposure to other woman. Interesting butit is really important to be honest about this stuff we are part of sexual history after all.

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