Making A Great Profile & Avoiding Perverts

Yesterday I received a message from a young woman asking for help.  B confided that she had tried sugardaddy4me and craigslist, and yet all these men just wanted sex, or thought being a sugar baby was essentially just a high class hooker / escort.

“How do I attract real sugar daddies?”  She asked.  Like many sugar babies, she wanted more than sex. She wanted someone to pamper and take care of her.

Like before, this is a problem a handful of SB’s will face in their dating time. They’re looking for a good Sugar Daddy who will treat them right, and none are coming through. They think you’re a prostitute and they can just pay you and be on their merry way.


The above is bold, because it’s extremely important. If you act like a high class hooker, you’ll be one, and be treated like one. Raise your expectations, and raise your own level. Challenge yourself.

For example, if in your profile, you are putting: “I love to party and have fun, I’m really wild / I like to have a good time and have fun.” Or even worse “I’m a sexual person / I love sex.”  You’re giving the message that you’re a slut. The men who message you wont respect you, and you give the message you don’t respect you either.  You want to word yourself better. “I enjoy going out occasionally with friends and having fun, but I prefer to cuddle up and watch a good comedy.” Don’t mention sex at all. It’s not appropriate. Mention you are looking for a man to take care of you for a long term arrangement and that you love a man who will spoil you with trips and shopping sprees.

Your profile picture should show you’re a respectable woman. Don’t post

a picture of you partying. Although you may be the one who looks the most proper, and the one without a drink in your hand, your friends are the ones who are hurting your chances here.   With this picture, one girl has her boob half hanging out, another has her stomach showing, and the other one has a short skirt and drink in her hand.  The only one who looks decent is the one in the black dress. However, after seeing her with the friends she’s with, people will make unfair assumptions and judgments about who she is. The same goes for you, and what your profile

pic displays.

Here is another picture of two friends at a restraunt. Although you cannot see their faces, they’re not making the “duck” or “kissy” face like the other girls are. They’re smiling nicely, and look they’re having an enjoyable time together.  They seem like a nice couple of girls. Aim to post pictures that look like you’re a nice girl, or even high maintenance. (Standing with Chanel bag, anyone?)

If a man messages you and seems seedy, then he probably is.  Google him. Look him up. See what he does.  When he sends you pictures, look at his clothes. Is he wearing a suit? Is he wearing a watch?  Anything else? Look for significant cues!

Lastly, DO NOT USE CRAIGSLIST! Craigslist is the mecca for men looking for a one night stand. You will not find a reputable SD on Craigslist. Or even a reputable man. Sugardaddy4me is OK, but It’s not that great. First, it makes the sugar baby pay if she wants basic features. The men don’t have to pay if they want (from what I remember about that site.)  Websites like is good. SD’s have to pay 50$, and then over 1,000 to be a gold member. Established Men is decent from what one of my readers have told me, and SeekingMillionare isn’t bad either. Just keep a keen eye, and a sharp mind and more importantly, don’t settle for less than you deserve.

(Note: If you would like a second opinion, you can email me at or send me a message on facebook. Your identity will be kept 100% confidential and will never be revealed to anybody else. I will immediately delete  your picture afterward. This is only for an opinion, and tips / pointers on what you could change to make it better and to help you. I know the importance of keeping anon, and I respect that 100%)


12 thoughts on “Making A Great Profile & Avoiding Perverts

  1. ##Aim to post pictures that look like you’re a nice girl, or even high maintenance. (Standing with Chanel bag, anyone?)

    Hi there

    I must start by commending you on an amazing blog. Top quality writing. On the whole, great advice. Great reading for a person like me too, who is investigating the SB/SD lifestyle before taking the plunge.

    I have to say though, that I disagree with the advice above though. There is nothing more offputting about a woman who screams “high maintenance”.

    Please, no obvious logos (Louis Vuitton anyone?) in your photos. And no name dropping of your dream shopping list brands in your profile. It is very tacky, and you just cheapen yourself. A discerning gentleman will know style (even if he does not know the designer’s name); he will appreciate quality (even if it is not a big designer label); and is unlikely to be impressed by your name dropping.

    Elegant? Yes
    Well put out? Yes
    High standards? Yes
    High maintenance? No


    • It’s always great to get different perspectives! Thank you so much for your comment. I think the name brand thing really depends on the man (and that’s just my opinion). I know certain men I’ve dated in the past have been attracted to women who seem high maintenance, BUT, that of course depends on the man and what kind of SD you want to attract. From what I’ve personally seen, the high maintenance SB’s are the ones who end up with shorter term SD’s, but it’s still attracted em! 🙂

      ((BTW, can I just say what a CUTIE you are? Some SB might be VERY VERY lucky!!!!))

  2. What are you teaching these women?This is hooker school.Don’t message me.This is so sad.America is terrible.

    • Did that make you feel better “don’t trust”… How about, don’t knock someone else’s lifestyle or choices? I honestly believe this girl is the most genuine and honest form of a “sugar baby” and has the lady balls to write about it and help other girls interested in the lifestyle do it safely! That’s what she’s teaching them and she’s certainly not shoving her opinion down anyone throats … Ahem. Obviously you are very unhappy with your life, if you were happy…you’d probably be enjoying margaritas on the beach right now instead of trying to put someone else down. Maybe if you were more open minded you could find that happiness. Kudos Elsy, I love your blog, it’s helped me sooo much! Thank you!!

    • Hey lady w/ the don’t message me message. Hookers have sexual intercourse, oral and other types of sexual gratification for money. The woman that wrote this article is talking about how to attract a man on a dating website. You are grossly uneducated about the sugar lifestyle and you seem bitter about something. Maybe you do not know how to attract a man, let alone a wealthy. Men who are not stingy and believe that women should be supported financially, among other things like ideas for businesses, dropping contact info and educational avenues. Obviously, none of the things you have been privy too. So, next time you see an article that has nothing to do with anything you support, do us all a favor honey, and move on to something else. —dAwNdiGGeTy

  3. Soo True Girls !! People are haters, they are ALWAYS gona judge ! I’d rather be happy, healthy, and financially stable while being judged every day, by people like “dont trust” who , like u ladies said, is probably just jealous, couldnt attract a man if her life depended on it ! And is probably not motivated, happy in her life, satisfied with HERSELF, and is quite obviously CREEPING on peoples sugar baby blogs !! If you think its so bad, why the hell you reading it?? Geez these people ! So hypocritical ! Anyywwaaayyysss ! Lots of Loves n Licks from this Az Sugar Baby!! Lets go get these men girls, and keep enjoying our elegant, satisfying lifestyles !

    Jealousy is an UGLY disease !
    Get well soon bitch !

    ❤ Always
    N from Az

  4. Love this blog. And all the comments that all the lady’s and not so lady’s have made.. As an advice if you are in a SD/SB Site there is no need for you to mentioned your needs on your profile. Because that may be a turn off, to a potential wealthy SD. You want them to write you and be hooked to you. Describe what you have to offer and what you bring to the future possible relationship

    Keep it nice and short not a lengthy love want story

    Happy SD babes

  5. I really like your blog. It has made me feel a lot better about looking for an SD. I have never been a SB before. Your blog is intelligently written, witty, and to the point. Thank you so much for allowing me to feel good about my decision!

  6. So.. I’ve been on both and Seeking Arrangement. In theory I like the idea of a place where like minded people can find each other for something “mutually beneficial” and be happy. However, I find that all too often it’s actually not the case. I wish there was something more to better educate alot of the men on these sites on what this is all about. These sites have a THEME. However MOST and I mean most of the men I have talked to and even profiles that I’ve been reading say that they actually hate the term “sugar daddy” or that they really don’t even like the idea of arrangements and allowances and want a conventional relationship. A few I have talked to even told me that they go on these sites simply because they get more responses from women, and in fact, they really dont need to search for women because they get so many approaching them.
    They then go on to talk about how most of the women behave like prostitutes on the sites because they set financial expectations as the basis for the relationship. (I do believe women should be very tactful in these kinds of convos).
    I feel as if there is more info out there talking about how a women should behave for the sugar daddy to be interested, which you see so much of on SA’s blogs for example, but not nearly as much attention in making these guys understand the pure fact that these men who are much older would likely NOT be as attractive to someone who is 15-35 years younger than them if it were not for the fact that we are looking for someone who is established, mature and is at a point in their life/career where they have the disposable income and now want to invest in the finer things of life: e.g. a home, car or a stunning young woman for companionship. I even saw a profile on SA where a guy was saying that he wanted a regular conventional relationship and maybe even the girl could pay for his dinners from time to time! Not a bad thing to want but is this guy on the right site then?? Perhaps the guy would be better served to get a profile writer to help him make an outstanding profile on to pick up women vs. wasting people’s time and his own on the site he was on if he felt so strongly against the theme…and there are so many more where he came from. Women I know who’ve been on these sites and myself included just become annoyed and end up believing the online aspect of this sugar daddy craze is just bogus. As for the time being unfortunately I can’t really recommend these sites.

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