Good Food &… Wait… Is that your penis?

Answering questions tomorrow (Wednesday)  remember to ask anything you want! 

Warning:  The following post will recount a disaster date.  If you want to hear about penis’, making fun of foreigners, and also happen to like pictures of food. Move on.

Ha! Finally in my PJ’s that I got from Victoria’s Secret earlier today with my girlfriends. Got a lot of new clothes, and a new dress I wore to my date tonight. Which, by the way, sucked. 

I met X at his hotel, because I don’t random strangers knowing my address. Maybe I’ve been in NY for too long, but I just prefer to play it safe. I’m really glad I did tonight.

So, I met up with X.  He seemed nice, looks older than his profile picture showed, but I wasn’t going to not give it a chance because of something so small. He was respectful, and opened the door for me as we took his car (a company car, that had a driver, ((who takes a car in NYC anyway))) to the restaurant we were going too.

The drive there was decent, we conversed, and he told me about his work, about his home life, about where he grew up.  By the time we had reached the restaurant, I felt like I knew his whole life story. “Okay” I thought “So he likes to talk, that’s good.  Things wont get boring.”

Sat down and conversation was nearly none existent for awhile. I asked him about his job.  Details about it.

“So, what exactly does your company do?”  His response?

“A lot of things.”  Okay, so maybe he didn’t like to talk about work. I understand that.

“So, X, have you ever flown around the world?”


“Where too?”

“A lot of places.”

After awhile, his one word responses were getting on my nerves, and I just stopped talking. I pretended to be taking long and slow sips of my wine, or, I’d chew for a long time. I think he got the hint this wasn’t going well. The more I would look at him, the uglier he looked. He chewed with his mouth open, and made a wheezing sound. It started to get disgusting.

He asked what I liked to do in my free time with a full mouth of food. Again. Disgusted.  I told him I enjoyed going places like the beach, going hiking, etc and he started laughing, obnoxiously, and nearly spitting on me (say it, don’t spray it.)  When I asked him what was so funny, it was, apparently, my accent.

“When you say beach, it sounds like BITCH! HAHAHAHA”

I wanted to slap him. People were looking, I was embarrassed (because I try very hard to pronounce words well in English) and I was finished with the date by then. I stood up and straightened out my dress. He looked shocked. “Thank you for your time, Mr. X, but I find you to be one of the rudest people I have ever met.”  I was expecting him ti blow up, be angry, and cause a scene. He just seemed the type of guy.  Instead he insisted that I stayed for the rest of the meal. apologized for being rude, and asked for a second chance.

I obliged. In hindsight, I wish I wouldn’t have.  The conversation somewhat picked up, and it was really back to him, and what he liked to do. At one point, he even forgot my name, but whatever.  It’s a “different” name for America.

We ordered desert, and he kept taking bites of mine, which I found weird. Especially when you don’t even ask. We made it through to the end though. He paid and we walked out of the place.

“So, want to come back to my hotel?”

“No thank you, I have work very early tomorrow.”

He didn’t look deterred. He looked… Hungry. He kept saying to just go over for a little while, and that we could “have some fun.” I told him that was not what I was looking for on a first date.  He took my hand and put it on his hard cock under his pants and held it there. 

I’ll pay you for your time.”

I’m on so many levels of disgusted that I just can’t speak. I yank my hand from him and walk away immediately, because I’m not a slut, and that’s what he was looking for.  I should have walked away the first time.

I walked home, even though he was my ride. He sent me a text apologizing, but he said sorry the first time and look where that got us?

This is one of the worst dates I’ve ever had. If anyone who reads this happened to see an obnoxious asshole laughing like a cunt and saying “bitch” as loud as he could. I’m sorry.


2 thoughts on “Good Food &… Wait… Is that your penis?

  1. Hey I was wondering if he at least gifted you at first for your time. You stated you expect a 200-800 dollar gift for the first date, now do you tell them you would like a gift and leave it up to them or state you want X. As well do you ask for these gifts right away etc etc.

    Love the blog btw!

    • Sugar daddies should not have to be told to give you money. It’s only proper etiquette to do so, and you shouldn’t have to bring it up or ask for it. X, however, did give me anything. To be fair, I walked away from that situation before he even could, because he was a complete creep.
      SD’s should always pay for the food, then after, give you a gift. On rare occasions have I never received money, or something else of equal value. Asking for it would be rude and would sound ungrateful.

      Elsy x

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