Tip of the Day!


First of all, I’d like to say that this blog is purely from my own opinion and my own experiences. I live in NYC, so where I am may be a different ball game compared to where you are!

Recently, a SD looked through my blog and told me he disagreed with something I posted:

I don’t agree that a SD must give a $200-800 gift on the first date.

To me the first date is purely a meet and greet. Do we click in person as we have done online? Is there any interest for either of us to have a second date let alone an arrangement? etc.

My view is that people worry about what is ‘owed’ or what they have to do just for dinner, but add onto that $200-$800 and some women will feel the pressure to do things on the first date that they wouldn’t do normally.

I would rather not have that pressure. That doesn’t mean I don’t take care of any extra expenses (cab, car, etc. to get to the date) and even a small gift, but I personally don’t do it in the $ figure you are mentioning. Then again, I’m not in the NYC area, which I definitely understand is a different animal.
Thank you so much RW! It’s always refreshing to get a second opinion.  So ladies, if you SD doesn’t give you $$$, then don’t swear it too much. Just hope he pays for dinner!

One thought on “Tip of the Day!

  1. lol does RW mean Roger W on facebook. What a troll, he’s not even on any of the paid sugar daddy sites. He obviously doesn’t agree as he has been out of the game for awhile and can’t afford shit.

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