Am I Just A High Class Hooker/Escort?


A lot of people have a lot of different opinions about SD/SB relationships and their take on what it is.  I had recently remembered an episode of Dr. Phil where he had talked about SD/SB relationships, and essentially called the women there “high class hookers” he has a poll on his website, which I took to see the results:

RESULTS – Sugar Babies/Sugar Daddies

1) Do you think being a sugar baby is prostitution?


2) If you could be a sugar baby and nobody would ever know, would you?


3) Do you think it’s OK to be a sugar baby if you are using the money to pay bills, rather than afford luxuries?


4) If someone is married, doesn’t work or have kids and are fully supported by their spouse, are they in a sugar relationship?

I was very surprised at the answers, as they were very close to a tie.  Doing more searching on the internet on “Are sugar babies prostitutes”, I easily found some more expected comments, such as (bolding my myself):
Of course they are. The sad thing is, they think having loads of expensive junk in their home is going to make them happy, so they give up their youthful beauty and true love for a fat wallet. One day, the sugar daddy will move on and either die or kick you to the curb once he tires of you. What will these young women have left other than baggage? Learn to enjoy the simple things you have and the people in your world.”
“A prostitute has come to the fact that she can make money off selling her body. She is not in denial about it. She sets her rates and gets clients.
A ***** on the other hand is in denial about it. She doesn’t equate the fact that a man buying her dinner, a gift, a ring etc is not compensation for sex. When in reality, it is. Whores are usually into more lucrative deals. A prostitute will only get x$ per act. A ***** on the other hand is generally looking to seal the business transaction (ie. marriage). Marriage will entitle her to alimony, community property assets, potential child support which can all be very lucrative. A lot more lucrative than going to school, working 9-5 for it. I honestly don’t blame these women for doing such. If there is someone stupid enough to marry a gold digger, more power to her!”
To be fair, there were more positive or uplifting thoughts and opinions about being a SD/SB relationship:
“A sugar daddy has some sort of relationship with the girl- whether it be materialistic or that sense of closeness and companionship he has lost with his spouse. Imagine having a boyfriend and as time goes by things start to get blah and old. Or you two are just really serious together. Then you meet a playboy/ boy toy who brings out your old playful self, and you continue seeing him and develop a romantic relationship with him- paying for his meals & buying him presents because you want to and it makes you happy. There is a huge difference between doing this and paying for one night stands.”
As a sugar baby, I have never felt like a prostitute or an escort. I go through the ‘dating’ process like everybody else.  Some men bring flowers to first dates, some bring chocolates, some spend money on a movie and dinner.  In the SD/SB world, the same gifts are exchanged, only sometimes money is involved. I still receive a lovely dinner, but I just go to a nicer place. I still receive flowers. They’re just not picked up at a gas station. If I don’t like my date, I don’t sleep with him, and we go our separate ways and try and find new people. If there is no connection, what is the point in continuing a relationship?
If I were a prostitute or an escort, I wouldn’t be bothered about who the person was when I met them. I’d be more interested in sleeping for them.
A lot of people don’t realize that a lot of SB are smart, young and gorgeous women who just want something more, or need help in their journey through life.  Some people are in med school and are working two jobs and cannot afford rent, or food.  They’re barely making ends meet, and the extra money helps them get through life.  Most SBs who I know have a full time job, and don’t sit on their ass all day waiting for money to roll in.  They work hard and like having the extra to stash away.  Media has painted SB’s in a terrible light in the past few years as money hungry sluts, who only care about themselves.  Sure… SOME SB’s can be like that, but are they all? Absolutely not!
The comment ” She doesn’t equate the fact that a man buying her dinner, a gift, a ring etc is not compensation for sex.” is rich too me. What does a husband do? He buys his wife dinner, gifts, and provides for her financially, and what does he get in return?  Sex, love, and a friend. Is this man trying to argue that all women are whores? Are all wives actually sugar babies?
He also argues that these women are looking for marriage.  A lot of men are married and the SD and SB are both looking for a NSA relationship.
Fact is, a lot of people want to label something they don’t understand. They want to think of it in terms that they will understand so they know what to think of it. I think a lot of these people are uneducated about what exactly a SB / SD relationship is.
However, I will level with them. Yes, there are some women out there who claim to be SB’s who are just high class hookers / prostitutes.  These are the women who give it up on the first date every time. 
But most of us are sweet, understanding, and caring. We’re the NSA girl every man dreams of.

7 thoughts on “Am I Just A High Class Hooker/Escort?

  1. Wow! This might be a particular of probably the most useful blogs We have ever arrive across on this topic. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this post. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well.

  2. wow!! this is the best and mos truthful explanation/information I’ve heard of this topic. Very well done. way to put them right, girl 😉

  3. I am fascinated by your equating marriage with the SB/SD relationship. In what percentage of marriages is a man providing for his wife financially? What century are we in? What happened to equality and give and take and independence? What happened to finding someone you love, to commit to and share with as opposed to take from? And what about taking responsiblity for your own life and supporting each other? Please ask yourself one question, in exchange for cold hard cash, what am I missing out on?

    • I don’t think we’re missing out on anything particularly. I am getting out of student loan debt faster than I could otherwise and now have a 3 month emergency fund in a matter of a couple of months of being ONE man’s SB. Also, while I am sexually exclusive with my sugar daddy, our arrangement doesn’t preclude me from going on regular dates if I wish. I would love to find someone in real life to commit to, and when I find him I’ll get out of the sugar life. Until then, what’s the big effing deal?

    • I think you’re romanticizing marriage. Marriage as a bond of love is a newer development, marriage in history was simply a mutually beneficial agreement amongst families. The stand point a lot of people are taking on the concept of the sugar baby is that these women should be ashamed of what they are doing. Though we never take into consideration the men. We just logically say, “men paying for sex, welp, you know, boys will be boys. hahaha”. It’s not up to women in a society to prop up higher morals, we are not the fairer sex, we are people. What’s going on here is women shaming, and I for one say, let them do as they wish. Why must women be shamed consistently while these men are barely ever spoken about. These are adults, these are people that have agency, and these women are granted the will to do whatever they want with their bodies. What century are we in? Can it please be a century where we don’t focus so much energy on policing what women do with their bodies and shaming them. While offering none of the shame and consequences for the men.

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