Tip of the Day! Flying to Meet Sugar Daddies!

Please girls, seriously be careful when considering flying to meet a sugar daddy… If possible…  Let him come too you!

  • Even if you think you know somebody online, you could be sorely mistaken. It’s always better to play is safe than sorry.  People can lie about their identities.
  • Unless you have lived or visited the area ( a lot ) where he will be bringing you, you wont know your way around. If anything bad were to happen, would you know where to go and who to go too?
  • You want to leave sooner than intended, but he decides to keep you longer than you bargained for. I recently read a post of a girl who wanted to leave early when she visited her POT SD. Thankfully he sent her home. What scared me was that he could have “held her hostage” until it was her time to leave.
  • If he was a real gentlemen, he would come to you. Not the other way around.
  • A lot of you don’t tell your family and friends about your SD.  I have friends who have met up with SD’s and not told their friends and families at the time.  If you don’t let your family/friends know where you are and who you’re with, they wont know how to help you if you go missing. If you cannot tell family or friends, at least write a note or have a anon friend to send your information if you’re not back by 24 hours of your designated time to go home!

Girls. I know this is on a more serious note and probably seems pretentious and annoying. I understand that sometimes, meeting SD’s is part of the process.  Skype, text and verify his identity if need be. I know I probably sound snooty, but there have been multiple stories of Sugar Babies ending up in bad situations. If you decide to meet you SD where he lives, please be very cautious and careful. Stay safe gorgeous girls. I love you all.

Elsy  xoxo


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