Objection & I Are No Longer SD/SB

A lot of people have been asking what ever happened between Objection and I.  I always responded the same way. “I dont know, we haven’t really spoken.” or “I don’t know what to do. I can’t really tell you.”  I wasn’t lying. We hadn’t really spoken. For a day I avoided his calls, texts, and even when he knocked on the door I wouln’t answer. It wasn’t until very recently did I start talking to him again, mainly because his work event was tonight and I didn’t want to let him down.  However, If you’re my FB friend, you would have read how I was feeling extremely ill and throwing up, I couldn’t get any sleep and I was generally having the worst day of my life.  I considered trying to go anyway, but I eventually called him and told him I couldn’t make it, and he understood…

However he insisted that he should come over before he left.  So OK, whatever. I figured he would just come over before maybe picking up one of his other SB’s and then just leave.  I was expecting him to be all dressed up and ready to go.

He arrived at 7 (not long before he had to leave for his event) dressed in casual clothes, so I assumed he was just stopping by quickly.  He asked what I needed doing around the house and I said I just needed Snapple (my dog) to get a walk. Objection was fine with it and left for 10 minutes.

He came back, I thanked him, and told him goodbye. He asked where I was going, which confused me.  I hate it when people do that, because I always think I said something wrong in English.  I told him I was going nowhere, but he was to go to his event.

He shook his head and said he wasn’t going anywhere if I’m sick, because he didn’t want to go with anyone else. That was the last straw for me.

I’ve been Objections SB for two years.  We met at a coffeeshop where he became my regular. We’ve gone on trips, we’ve explored new things together, and we’re always laughing together. When my best friend died, he was the one who flew me to Paris straight away, and now that I was sick, he was one of the only people who came to help me… Objection has played a major part in my life… But we’re no longer in a SD/Sb relationship. It’s too hard to go on like this, and not fair on either of us. So instead, we’re now a officially a couple.

When he stayed, I couldn’t take it anymore. I have loved Objection for a long time, and I always just kept those feelings at bay.  I got a lot of feedback from the Objection situation, and a lot of encouragement.  “What are you waiting for?”  That comment made me think more than anything.  What was I waiting for? So last night, when Objection told he would stay, I told him I loved him too, and I wanted him to stay for a long, long time.

There would have been kissing if I wasn’t ill, but he hugged and a lot of smiling and laughing. Now it is close to 2am, and he’s getting food since I can hold it down now. Plus, we’ve been staying up, cuddling, watching television. I’m happy with my decision.

Things could go wrong, and I know that. But I look at this as “why not give it a shot?”  Because if I wouldn’t have tried, our relationship would have always been strange after he admitted his feelings.

So I rustled up this post as quickly as possible, because you girls are my biggest advocates for me and Objection.  We’re both ending our other relationships with other SD/SB’s tomorrow and taking our profiles down from Seeking Arrangement, we’re going exclusive.




2 thoughts on “Objection & I Are No Longer SD/SB

  1. I’m so happy for you. It’s always so sweet to hear about stories like this but it must’ve been hard having to suppress your feelings, I’m having a hard time even dealing with it now.

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