Financial Dependency on Sugar Daddies

“Elsy, can you help me?  I’ve been financially dependent on my sugar daddy for awhile now and he’s starting to be extremely controlling. I feel like I’m begging for each cent I get and I’m so tired of it. I know you’re busy and have other things to post but pls help me.” 


For some woman, being financially dependent is inevitable.  SB’s end up with debt, or maybe they lose their jobs and have nothing else to support themselves.  It’s a horrible situation to be in, and trust me, I’ve been there too. You feel dependent and alone, scared and trapped.  Maybe your Sugar Daddy isn’t the best of guys, and you’ve been wanting to get out of the situation for a long time. What are you going to do now?

Again, I’ve been in the same situation.  Living in Manhattan with school books, bills, an apartment that I could barely afford and I had just lost my job, I felt like I was drowning. At that time, Objection was my only Sugar Daddy and my allowance was a lot lower…  I was extremely dependent on him for survival. I was too scared to turn to my parents for help in fear they would send me back home to Paris, and my search for a job was yielding nothing.

What was I to do?  How did I even start the process of being financially independent? 

First of all, I can’t say I’m 110% 100% financially independent right now. I’m definitely still getting there, and I will be there soon. However, if Objection was to completely drop me, I would be able to support myself for awhile. Right now, I pay for mostly everything by myself, except my apartment which Objection pays for.

  1. Get a Job: Some SB’s do not feel like they need jobs. Fact is, if you want to start your journey to financial independence, a job is necessary. If you’re really struggling, try getting overtime or working longer shifts. For awhile at my job, I was working double shifts – plus tips. It was great to have the extra in my pocket. I was making
    I had 1500-2000 extra in my pocket
  2. Walk/Cycle: I used to take taxi’s everywhere, and I know for some people who don’t live in big cities, they take their cars.  Fact is, walking and cycling is free and a great way of exercise. I know for some people it’s not an option, so maybe you could save on gas by parking further away and walking the rest of the way. I would take taxi’s everyday.  I would spend about 20 per day on taxi’s  20×7 = $140 per month and  $560 per month.  Now I maybe take taxi’s on occasion and walk everywhere.
    I had $500 extra in my pocket and I lost 10 lbs.

  3. Stop Getting That Morning Breakfast/Coffee:  When I wake up, I hate doing anything. I just want to get in my shower, get ready, and head to work.  Every weekday I would stop for my morning Croissant which was 3.50 every day, 17.50 a week, and 70 a month. Instead of going to the same bakery, I would just buy them at the store and make it at home. I wasn’t the same, but instead of 3.50 each day, it was 3.50 a week.
    I had $56 extra in my pocket
  4. Sell The Stuff You Don’t Use: You can easily make money, especially if you’re a SB, by selling the stuff you don’t use. I’ve had presents ex-SD’s have given me that I no longer use, and I either sell or pawn them.  For example, I once had a necklace I had received from my SD worth $2000.  Although it was a gorgeous necklace, and I liked it, I never wore it except for once or twice. I was able to pawn it for $1500.  I’ve also been able to sell dresses I barely wear anymore for $200 each (think 4 of them)
    I had $2400 extra in my pocket
  5. Get A Roommate:  I’ve never had a roommate, but I have friends who do. They’re able to save thousands in rent with a roomie. Just make sure you find someone that you like.
  6. Cancel your “Unlimited” plan phone subscription:  I cancelled my Unlimited phone subscription, because at that time, I wasn’t using that many minutes from talking.  I was texting none stop though. I changed my plan to something cheaper, but I didn’t make it ridiculously low to where I would be spending more to consolidate. I would usually be spending $150 a month on my phone.  I cut my plan to only spend $60 back then.
    I had $90 extra in my pocket
  7. Stop Eating Out So Much:  Like to catch up with your friends over dinner at a fancy restaurant?  Try going someplace else, and somewhere cheaper.  Even if you’re just buying McDonalds two times a week, that’s still around $40 you could be saving.  I used to eat 3 times a week, which would usually cost me around 200 a month.  I stopped eating out all together for awhile and just ate the food in my house!
    I had $200 extra in my pocket.
  8. Get another Sugar Daddy: Although it’s definitely not a long term solution, if you’re in a situation where you’re being financially controlled, you could always look into getting another SD.
    I had $2000 extra in my pocket.
  9. If you can… Move.  If you cannot afford NYC and find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, move to another city that isn’t so expensive.

My lifestyle was too much for not a great paycheck and smaller allowance.  I’m not even including things like going out, groceries, utilities and school supplies. Just by selling things, working longer hours, and cutting out a lot of luxeries, I was able to save around 5,000. With an extra SD I had in total $7246 

What did I do with that money?  I saved it. I didn’t celebrate by going out, because that just defeats the purpose. For 3 months I diligently saved. Then I slowly cut my hours back to just one shift, and then I started to do things like eating out again. However, in three months I went to only having 1000 that I had saved (that would come and go, as I always needed or wanted extra) to $21,736.  After awhile, I only started saving $4,500 per month and allowed myself some luxuries. I then was able to raise my allowance and save even more.

Ladies, ask yourself: “Am I prepared if my sugar daddy drops me this second?”  If not, start preparing. Don’t let yourself get into a situation where you don’t know where to turn next.  Be smart!  I wish I would have saved up from the beginning, but it took me awhile to grasp how much I was pinching pennies before my SD’s came along, even though my parents were generously helping me. I still wasn’t living nearly as well as I am now.


4 thoughts on “Financial Dependency on Sugar Daddies

  1. I love all the suggestions 🙂

    I would say – also tell your SD you have a few job interviews lined up this week (then if he comments on $money$ and why you need a job tell him because he isn’t paying up and you need to support yourself) even just lying so you can get your point across might be enough – (also you do need to start saving as Elsy suggests! If he isn’t giving you enough to save look for another one while you are still with him) The thought that you will be getting a new job he will think that you will be seeing him less and he will quickly have to start paying again but I assume his old habits will happen again. I had a SD I was dependant on, and I had to beg for months for him to pay for my schooling until I finally said enough was enough stop the monkey business lets go to the bank together ( as he was saying he told his private banking person to do it pftt) – I never really had the talk that I need it and it’s unfair because he has it and is using it as control – instead I got him to pay for my schooling, we dated a little bit longer, he wanted me to move in with him which he wasn’t letting me choice the area or the home and I just noticed there was no way I could ever be with him if it weren’t for the idea of the ‘money’ which hey I wasn’t even getting unless I forced him!!!

    If they are being cheap with their money they most likely don’t care about you. And most of the time they have other sugar babies that are spending all of their money…………….. Other bloggers have commented that they get 5 k from their sugar daddies who are also seeing other girls at the same time for 1 k because they were naive and didn’t want to speak up. Don’t be one of those girls! xoxoxo and good luck!

  2. […] I’ve had friends in situations where her SD had control over her life. If you feel this is true for you, or it is getting to that stage, start saving now. Put the money he gives you into a savings account and stop living so lavishly. Find a new, cheaper apartment. Don’t buy new clothes for that month. Switch to basic cable. Don’t take taxi’s and walk/ride a bike. These are difficult changes to make, but if you want to be independent again, you need to make these changes today.A lot of girls end up piss poor and stomped on when their sugar daddies get bored.  Save now, even if you don’t see this coming anytime soon. I already have a shit ton of money saved up just in case. You should too! I cover this extensively here!  […]

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