Q&A Wednesday

Good morning gorgeous ladies! It’s such a cold and dark morning today, but it’s still beautiful!  It reminds me of Christmas already. (Cold smell, warm drinks, Christmas trees!)

I have my coffee in one hand and a Croissant on the table, I have my lamp on and my curtains drawn a little so I can see outside. My dog and cat are still sleeping, it’s pretty quiet outside, and I’m getting the feeling it’s going to be a lovely day.

I decided to post my Q&A, but keep in mind, if you still as a question today, I will add it on here today.  So check back if you ask a question a few hours after I post this!  Okay?

  1. Is Objection Married? No, Objection is not married. My ex SD JK was though.
  2. What types of gifts do you get your SD for birthdays and holidays?
    I like to get my SD(s) thoughtful gifts. For example, Objection really loves coffee (we met in a coffeehouse! )  For his birthday, I bought him a lb of coffee, a few really nice big mugs, and one specially made with the word “OBJECTION!” on it I custom made, since it’s out little inside joke.  I also bought him a Rolex watch, and a new briefcase, since he was saying a few weeks before his was starting to get a bit of wear and tear.  For Christmas this year, I am going to be dressed up as a Little Elf (I’m sure you can guess what kind of Surprise THAT will be) I’ll be buying a bottle of his favorite wine, a couple of new shirts, and cooking a special dinner for him! 😉
  3. What do you normally wear on a first date?
    I posted about first date outfits here :)!
  4. I love reading your blog on tumblr/workpress. Please post more about your adventures! When you are not busy of course 🙂
    Thank you dear! ❤
  5. How did your best friend die?
    My best friend killed herself.
  6. How do you bring up allowance, do you make any hints before the first date online?
    There is a post about allowances here and here
  7. What are some of your favorite gifts you have received from SDs?
    My dog Snapple and a vintage Bible that I love
  8. Can you share your daily make up routine?
    Yes, of course!  Before applying make up, I cleanse my face, and exfoliate it.  I don’t generally use foundation or concealer, but if I need to I use it! I use a really good brow pencil.  After applying the pencil, I will usually get Vaseline on a Qtip and smooth it down.  My favorite eye shadow of all time is Urban Debays naked palette, because I love going for a nude look like this, than looking like I’m going to a nightclub. I usually use mascara v eyeliner   “Too Faced: Lash Injection” is AMAZING in my opinion! If I do use eyeliner, however, it’s usually only on my eyelid, and it’s always liquid. The bottom is always just a regular pencil and it’s always very thin and barely recognizable  After all that, I usually top it off with a little lip gloss I make myself, and something very light pink blush. :)!
  9. What is the minimum allowance you require from SDs?
    1500, but I push for 2,000
  10.  Do you post pictures on your SA account? If so do they show your face? Or do you blur them out? Do you use the private picture section or no? (are you worried about posting pictures of your face on SA?)
    Yes I posted pictures on my SA. I didn’t blur out my face or anything, but I do position myself in an angle where you can’t see my face in a 100% profile view.  I used my private picture area, but not for anything risque.
  11.  Do you list an expectation in your SA profile or do you just leave it blank to “open to negotiations” or do you put an amount on the profile?
    I put “OtN” but I did always say I expected more than 1,500 per month and if they could do under, then they better be bargaining a good deal.
  12.  On your profile do you list anything about dollar amounts or do you just go to dinner and then discuss it there?
    I just put over 1,500. After dinner, I will go home and email them about it if they don’t bring it up first! 🙂
  13. Do you have any siblings and what are their full names?
    Yes, I have a sister and a brother, they’re both older than me.  I’m not comfortable giving out their full names
  14. You only ask for 2000? I always read NYC SBs ask for more since it is so expensive living there. Has Objection’s allowance to you gone up since you’ve officially become a couple?
    Yes I would, but only because I was getting a big allowance from Objection, plus two other 2,000 allowances.
  15. How old is Objection?
    Late 30’s-Early 40’s 🙂
  16. Do you have a credit card? Just wondering?
    Yes I do.
  17. Can you post a pic of your hair on sugar FB?
    There are two pictures of me FB,  the most recent one, and one from last Halloween when I had lighter colored hair.


2 thoughts on “Q&A Wednesday

  1. Ive been approached by a sugardaddy with a great arrangment.. It dnt really bother me.. Or him apparently.. But I was wondering what your opiion on it might be?

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