Tip of the Day: Be Confident!

I honestly believe that being a confident woman is a big part of the SB lifestyle because not many men want a woman who constantly puts herself down and feels insecure.  Sure, I have my faults, but I the things I cannot change, I do not dwell on. For example… I have big feet. They’re weird and wide and I wish they were much smaller and petite, I’m also not happy with my oily skin and dark hair (which you can definitely see when I get leg stubble growing back)  These are things I cannot immediately change though, so I deal with them and focus on the things I love about myself.

  • I have really healthy hair because I take great care of it and don’t use commercial stuff
  • I genuinely care about people, which is why I volunteer at homeless shelters
  • I’m smart. I speak 3 languages fluently and I’m planning to be a lawyer
  • I have dimples on my back.

The fact is, I try not to put myself down.  The secret to being confident is acting the part. Do you feel like you’re too fat, or too ugly to ever find a good sugar daddy?  Ditch that mentality asap, because you could end up attracting the wrong kind of men who will take advantage of your low self esteem. Instead, focus on the things you like about yourself.  Are you a good painter? Are you a nice person? Do you have attractive eyes?  If you can’t think of anything, ask a friend what they like about you.  My friends always say I’m fun, gorgeous, I make time for them, I’m energetic and funny, and give good advice.  I don’t agree with all of that, but I don’t argue with her. I thank her, and I’m happy that someone thinks that about me.

If you’re more focused on your personality, and you don’t like who you are as a person, figure out what you don’t like specifically.  For example, I used to be really judgmental. I’d always make assumptions about peoples lives, and what they were like, even if I had never met them. I judged them based of ridiculous things like the clothes they wore, to how they looked at me.  It was so silly and immature. When I was sixteen, I finally asked myself why I did it and what I didn’t like about myself that was causing me to be like this.  I finally concluded I was so into being accepted by people at school, that I felt the need to judge others. I wanted to feel better about myself in the long run.  Thankfully, five years later I’m over that.  So what if you have pink hair, one eye, and no teeth? You could still be a gorgeous person on the inside. Who am I to judge?

Make changes to your life. Positive and uplifting changes.  Working out is great for your body, eat well but still treat yourself, buy some of those fuzzy socks for no reason other than to have soft feet, take your dog for a walk so you can make him happy, buy more plants to keep your home feeling more earthy, pray to your god/meditate, keep a clean house so your space and mind feels less cluttered, talk to old friends, and write letters to the people who have hurt you and forgive them.  The last one is a really challenging step.  Don’t always send the letter. Just write it and burn it. A few months a go I wrote a few letters to the people who had hurt me the most, and at the end put “I forgive you”. I cried, Ripped it up Then burned it.

(Tip: If you put Vaseline on your feet and put socks on overnight, they’ll be so soft in the morning!)

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be posting about positive changes you can make in your life, and positive changes to make in your SD/SB relationships. So keep posted, and stay gorgeous!


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