Q&A Wednesday (The Late Edition!)

Q&A Wednesday is LATE this edition!  I’m so sorry!  With just starting my new job, I’ve barely had the time for myself, yet alone here. However, I’m getting back into the swing of things, and I’m finding more time in my schedule! 🙂 However, within day things should be back into gear.  I wont be posting as much (2+ times a day) more like 4-5 times a week, but only because I don’t want to run out of things to say, and I can’t post at work like I did when I was at the coffeehouse!

  1. i have stretch marks and it makes me super self conscious. do sds want girls with perfecgt bodies?
    It depends who you meet.  Each person has a different perspective of what is “perfect” and what is not. Keep in mind that stretch marks can be covered with make up, and usually what you’re self conscience about, doesn’t matter as much to other people.
  2. were u attracted to all your ex-sds?
     In some way or another, yes.  Either to their personalities, or what they looked like.
  3. Is it harder to find a sugar daddy around the holidays? And since Christmas is so close what should I get him? (We have only been seeing eachother for a week and a half.)
     I think that Sugar Daddies are busier around the holiday seasons, but not necessarily harder to find.  Usually they’re more interested in family events than being with you, however.   For Christmas, maybe you could make him a nice dinner, or dress up in a sexy outfit for him… Maybe get him a bath robe or his favorite cologne.
  4. What are the top 10 things on your bucket list?
     1. Go to Switzerland
    2. Learn two new languages
    3. Buy a house in America
    4. Donate 10,000 to charity
    5. Go bungee jumping
    6. Fall in love
    7. Create something amazing and unique to myself
    8. Open an art gallery featuring my paintings
    9. Write a book and start my own business
    10. Be remembered for years after my death for what I accomplished, not what I didn’t.
  5. Elsy, how often do you think that SB’s luck out and find a great man like Objection? Most of the SD’s that I’ve come across seem to be the type who a) have some intense control issues or b) don’t make the effort to get to know you beyond surface level. I would like to find a SD where there’s a genuine friendship as well.
     I’m very lucky to have Objection, especially as my first SD, and I know that is a very rare in which that happens. I think the factors would depends on what you are looking for, what type of person you are and how you present yourself. On my profile, I would state how down to earth I am, how I love to help people, and that I didn’t tolerate people who wouldn’t respect me.  Sure, I still met some strange men, but the number diminished once they knew that I didn’t need them. They didn’t have that control over me.
  6. I’ve become pretty good at spotting (with help from Google) which sugar daddies are financially comfortable and which ones are pretenders. However, what I’ve learned is that just because some of these men have money, doesn’t mean that they’re extremely generous. I’m not looking for anything crazy, mainly just bills. So what are some signs you look for from the beginning to figure out if a man is generous or if he wants as much as possible with as little effort as possible?
     Sometimes this can be difficult to spot, because there are some very good fakers. However, I always think look for.
    – Men who want to pay per visit and only want to see you 1-2 times a month
    – Men who are more interested in treating you like an escort / hooker
    – Men who do not make arrangement after the second date
    – Men who suggest very low allowances, or want to pay 2000 for 7-10 days of visiting
    I’d be completely upfront with what you want, however, so there are no mixed signals.
  7. What are some safety precautions that you would recommend before meeting a SD? How much should you know about this person before you actually meet them in person. Do you think a picture is a must before meeting up?
    I posted about meeting sugar daddies here (on number 15). However, before I meet sugar daddies I never give out any personal information, and I always require a picture.  I’ve met a lot of men last minute, so knowing a lot about them isn’t a  MUST for me, because some people have a difficult time articulating themselves.
  8. Do you give your SD your real cellphone number?
     Pot’s?  No.  Real?  Yes.
  9. how much is your shampoo going to cost? plz sell it 🙂
     Awh, you’re so cute! 😀  It’s going to be anywhere from 5 per bottle to 10-15 for Shampoo/Cond/Body Lotion.  I’ll probably start doing them in sets.  SBD (Sugar Baby Delights) should be up and running by late Dec – Early Jan. I’m considering doing a New Years Launch and doing huge giveaways and competitions! 🙂
  10. Could you please give some advice for meeting people on craigslist? What type of questions should you ask the person prior to get a feel for their character? Please respond! By the way, I’m totally obsessed with your blog, thank you so much!!
    Thank you so much! 🙂  It’s always nice to hear people enjoy reading it! ❤  First of all, I’ve never met anyone on craigslist. I’ve heard of a couple of people being able to find someone on there, but most of the time, I find a lot of horny men go there.  With SA and other SD dating sites, I know that they’re having to pay a fee to be members.  With craigslist, anybody can post.  However, If I was contacting a man from CL, I would use a lot of terminology (“How is the S. Bowl going?”  “What kind of arrangement are you looking for ? p/mo or p/me”)  To get a feel for who they are, I’d ask simple questions about what they like to do, what they’re interested in, what their job is. The internet is still a difficult place to get to know someone though, so maybe you could skype instead? 🙂
  11. Are you going to stop posting on SBD??? You’ve not been posting as muhc????
    I know, I know, and I’m sorry. I started work earlier than I expected, and between these crazy hours, insane amounts of work, school, and getting a feel for my new job, I’ve been overwhelmed. I wake up, go to work, come home and do school work, and go to bed. I’m actually a little behind with school right now because of the new job. However, like I stated earlier, this weekend I should be back into the swing of things, and I’m learning how to organize my time.

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