Q&A Wednesday

I actually have free time today! I’m so excited! I took this rare opportunity to get on here and post Q&A Wednesday. Not many questions this week, I’m afraid :(!

  1. When you go a date with a Potential from a sugar daddy website you know you both are somewhat on the same page. How do you approach the situation with a Potential SD that you met in passing (upscale restaurant, show, etc.)?
    I’m not sure what you’re asking. Approach what situation?
  2. I think you’re a huge slut. I hope women like you burn in hell you dumb bitch.
    I questioned whether to post this, but I had stated I would post anything anyone posts in my ask box a long time a go no matter what it was. You are titled to your own opinion, but I will say, you don’t know me and to generalize me like that says a lot about you.
  3. Do you hang out with any of the SB’s on your Facebook?
    No. I don’t. I talk with a couple weekly and I’m close with a few, but we don’t “hang out.”
  4. How is your new job?
    It’s lovely! Thank you for asking! :)!
  5. My Sugardaddie is unbearable and controlling. I don’t know how to handle him being so possessive.  Will u help me?
    I’ll be making a blog post about this soon. Hang in there. Turn to my How-To’s and Advice about finances if you need too.
  6. Coke or Pepsi?
    Neither. Dr. Pepper.
  7. I think I saw you at Times Square on the 20th at 8pm. I heard a French girl talking and she was wearing a blue coat. Was it you?!?!
    No, sorry.   Keep in mind there are a lot of tourists around the Times Square area. 😉
  8. I always used to think horrible things about sugar babies and now that I’ve started to read your blog, you’ve opened my eyes to the whole sugar world!
    Good. 🙂  A lot of people have misinterpretations of the Sugar Babies. Glad I could help someone change their mind.
  9. U sEeM RlY NiCe
    I try! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Q&A Wednesday

  1. I really really enjoy reading ur blog. U seem really genuine and down to earth. Thanks for all the useful tips. I hope u will never stop writing. Xx

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