These Cold Winter Nights

I met up with a small group of girlfriends earlier and went out to dinner, but I’m still starving! It’s that time of the month again, and when I’m going through those three days, I eat like a starved pig.

So I only got home 30 minutes or so a go, but I’m already baking a dozen cookies from scratch, making homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows, plus I’m going to be sticking in season 9 of Friends and watching that in my snuggie . It’s heaven for me right now. I’m honestly debating whether to order Chinese food in a few hours too!

I did a quick Skype call with Objection whilst on my lunch break (and on my new iPad… Tell me again why I didn’t get one sooner?!) and it turns out Objection has a surprise for me. He wont hint about what it is, but I’m excited regardless!  I’m not sure whether or not to go my Christmas shopping here, and send it to my mothers address in France or if I should do my Christmas shopping in France. I’m more than likely going to do it here because my dad misses America, and my family loves American things.  “Elsy, you’re so lucky to be living in America.”   I really am! 🙂

Also, before I forget, I received another question after I had posted in Q&A and I didn’t want to add it on there.

“Are you an American citizen or French?”

Short answer is I have dual-citizenship.  I’m very lucky to be a part of both countries. 🙂


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