Tip of the Day: Different Folks Different Strokes

I often see the question pop up “Do I need to be perfect / pretty / skinny / European etc. to be a sugar baby?  No darling, you don’t. First of all, not all men like skinny blondes who have DD breasts. I only have a C, I’m definitely not a blonde, and I consider myself quite plain. I don’t possess any special talent, or anything incredibly unique.  If you didn’t know me, I’d just be another face in the crowd. I’m not any kind of Pocahontas or Sleeping Beauty by any means.

Remember that everybody is different.  Everyone has a type.  A friend of mine in Paris is a skinny and relatively pretty girl, however, she loves chubbier or “husky” men over a muscled man. I prefer men who are over 5’10, have dark brown hair (or peppery gray) who are older than 35.  I am not attracted to French men for some reason. In women, I prefer lighter colored hair, small to medium frame, long hair, short! 🙂  My preferences can change every month though when I find new things I like or dislike.

How you look will be a factor in any relationship, but keep in mind that you need to be confidant above all!

Personality will also be a huge factor. Are you busty and blonde but have no sense of humor? You’re SD won’t stick around for long if you are.

Stay positive ladies. 🙂


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