Worst Weekend Ever.

I need people to pray for me. I’m so overwhelmed and I’ve had the worst weekend ever.

My sweet little kitty Snickers died yesterday morning of old age.  😦 I had adopted her from the animal shelter, and I knew she was pretty old, but I’m so glad she got to spend her last years with me. I miss my Snickerdoodle already, and so does Snapple.  I think I’ve been so upset over Snickers death that I’ve been a bit short. I received my first failing grade ever yesterday (C?  Seriously? I tried SO hard on that paper it was stupid) and then Objection and I got in our first fight as a couple.

Now girls (and boys) I’m really a laid back person, and I’m really not one to get so upset about minor things, but I had texted Obj. that morning and let him know about Snickerdoodle.  He called me quickly to check I was OK and promised he would call back in an hour, as he was really busy with his client.. And so he should be, because frankly he is away because of said client and he has been spending a lot of time with this man, helping him out with his case. Anyway, I wait an hour, already distraught, and no phone call. I call him and his phone is turned off which leads me into leaving a ton of crying voice mails about how he must not love me.

Half an hour rolls by and he calls from his clients cell apologizing that he hasn’t called sooner, but he his phone died and he will charge it as soon as he got to the hotel. I’m still upset and just mumble and grunt and we hang up.

To make a long story short, yesterday consisted of Obj. receiving these voice mails and getting offended at some of the stuff I was saying, me not caring and complaining about very minute things in our relationship (VERY small things) and him getting upset, and then I get upset. He tried to be understanding, but I was very rude and just lashed out. Now he has his phone turned off and it “giving me space.”

So I wake up and decide to go to church this morning because I haven’t gone for weeks.  What happens as I’m walking there? My heel breaks, and I fall to the side, scrape my leg and nobody even gives me the time of day. Nobody helps me, whatever. So I stand up and have to walk home, and I get called a slut by a woman on my way home. YES lady, I’m doing the walk of shame from CHURCH. I don’t even know I looked like a slut beside the broken heel. I was dressed in a nice knee length skirt and shirt for church, not a nightclub.

To top it all off, I get laughed at by some kid which I’m walking down the street with a heelless heel.  I hate NYC sometimes.


4 thoughts on “Worst Weekend Ever.

  1. Ohhhh noooo 😥
    This sounds terrible I am so sorry. There are so many people in the sugar community here from you. Unfortunately thats how big cities are sometimes. I always say that I am more likely to have a man grab my ass than to hold a door for me lol.
    Give yourself some time to heal. Obj. should understand that you’re having a rough few days. I am so sorry 😦
    hugs and kisses xo!

    ps. pffft that bitch knows nothing lol insecure women do that shit when you look good. Even with a broken heel she was prob still jealous
    much love

  2. Girl, learn to restrain the crazy. There is only one instance in which it’s not crazy to repeatedly call someone’s phone and leave a shit ton of voicemails — crucial emergencies. Like someone died. Or you’re trapped in the Bronx. Or you’re lying in bed near death. Or you can’t find that person and it’s 3 am and everyone is wasted and going insane. But because he didn’t call you after AN HOUR and you KNEW he was with a client? Get some girlfriends you can call when shit goes down. If your bf is the only person you can whine/complain/vent/cry to, he’s going to get tired of it really quick.

    • Woops. Can’t see if my first comment went through. Anyway, I have never acted this way before. As I said in the post, I rarely ever get upset over minor things. I know what happened was ridiculous, and I’m not stupid and think that it was OK by any means.

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