Q&A Wednesday

I’ve had some really interesting posts this past week, and I’m really excited to be answering them. A couple are even blog worthy which will be super nice! 🙂 Anyway, here it goes:

  1. Hello Lovely! So I am having quite the dilemma. I am 19, and very new to the SD relationships, but very open to it. I want to get involved but I’m a virgin and giving that away is not an option for me. I feel like I’m missing so many opportunities by waiting. I have college and life to pay for 😦 Any advice? Do you think its possible to find someone not looking for sex? Thank you so much! I find all your advice to be extremely knowledgable.
    Hi sweetie!  I commend you 110% for saving yourself, I think that’s great, and I’m proud of you for making that choice – it’s very hard for people today to live by that rule. So go you! 🙂  Although there are sugar daddies who wont be in it for the sex, the chances of finding them are very slim. My ex sugar daddy and I didn’t ever have sex because he was married, but I think he enjoyed the company of a woman who wasn’t his wife more than anything.  Most men will want sex though, no matter where you go.  If I were you, I would be very upfront and let any POT. out there that you will not be having sex no matter what. Also, be extremely careful when meeting with some of these men, because some men just take what they want. (And I’ve heard of a couple of instances where that was the case lately.)  Good luck dear ❤
  2. Sorry I wasn’t more clear. I meant if a wealthy older man approaches you at the gym, at a restaurant, etc. and ends up asking you out, how do you gauge if he wants a SD/SB situation or a traditional relationship?
    Ahhh, sorry I misunderstood! 🙂 I think those situations are difficult to gauge.  There are plenty of relationships where men and women are dating and the man just happens to be wealthy… With Obj. and I, I knew what he wanted when we first got into the arrangement. He was very clear.  But I think if I was in that situation, I might joke “Oh. I’m your sugar baby.”  Some men may say “well.. you are…” or be very offended.  I’d also see how the relationship develops. That’ll be a big give away. if you’re not seeing him a lot and he’s buying your luxurious things / giving you money. You’re a SB.  But gauging these things from just from someone, somewhere, with money, asking you out, I think is difficult to assess.  If anyone has any better advice, comment below! 🙂
  3. Im not attracted to my SD. Hes very caring and takes care of me so I want this to work out but how do I get over not being attracted to him?
    What you’re dealing with isn’t uncommon. A lot of SB’s wont ever be attracted to their SD’s, and that’s OK.  It’s only an arrangement. Not an actual relationship.  He is paying you for your company, you’re with him for the money (assuming here, but lets say.)  Focus on things you like about him. Like you said, he’s caring and takes care of you… That’s attractive right?  What he does is attractive. What he does for you is attractive.  Maybe, physically, he is not, but all that aside, is he a good man? If yes, then focus on all the positive things and mentally push past the physical side of it.
  4. Hi! I’m new to the SB/SD game. I’m on several sites but I frequent SD4ME, SA & Sugardaddie. I’ve had the most positive feedback on SD4ME and the least on SA, which concerns me since SA is the preferred site for most people and I can see how people feel SD4ME is seedy. How do I approach, send msgs to and attract the REAL DEAL SD’s? I don’t think my profile is trashy nor are my pictures, and I’m not an ugly girl. I’m well educated and I don’t think I come off as a skank. What can i fix?

    Always get a second opinion on profiles. What may look OK for you may not for someone else. If you’d like me to look at it, you can email me at thedailylifeofasb@gmail.com  and I don’t mind reviewing it for you.  🙂  Weeding out the losers from the real guys is still a chore, even if you have a good profile.  There are tons of creeps on these sites.  Look for men actively, and don’t just wait for them to come too you. You can also add other sugar babies on facebook (you can add me on there, just type in my email) who are anonymous and post pictures of real and fake SD’s which is super helpful.

  5. first of all, thanks for following back! I started following you because I’m thinking about becoming a sugar baby. I made a profile on SA, and already feel a bit overwhelmed. I live in Rhode Island, so it seems everyone from Boston down to northern Connecticut is sending me messages. How do I navigate through all these men? Also, is it necessary that I email every one of them back? Generally, what’s a good place for someone new like me to start?

    Skim their profiles.  If they don’t have pictures, off they go. If you don’t have anything in their about me’s, off they go,  if they seem really seedy in their message… Off they go…  You don’t have to email everyone of them back at all. I had hundreds of unread messages in my inbox a few months a go I never got around to reading, usually because their intros sucked. (And intros are important)  Maybe you can start off with just replying to five a day.  If you don’t feel like you handle more, then don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Answer thoughtfully, take time into reading their profiles and getting a feel for who they are. You’re not obligated in anyway to these men, and although you may feel like you must reply all at once, you really don’t :)1  You must be pretty special if you’re already getting so much attention! Good luck !


One thought on “Q&A Wednesday

  1. How do you know if you’re being too blunt in your profile description? In my profile, I basically said I am a fun person to be around. Great sense of humor, non judgmental, caring, easy to get along with. What I am looking for: a sweet man who is genuine. A guy who enjoys providing for his SB. Someone who is ok with taking care of my financial debts as well as a reasonable monthly allowance. If you are not wealthy, get lost. Penny pinchers, scram!

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