I Bet You’re Wondering Where I’ve Been….

Where are you Elsy?” one blog follower wrote in this morning. “It’s coming up to two weeks and no one has heard a peep from you!”  It’s true.  I’m actually pretty sad I’ve missed Q&A Wed along with missing my personal deadline for when to post about certain aspects of a SD/SB relationship. I’ve not been able to sift through the emails I get daily, or respond to posts. It’s been driving me insane personally.

But why have I been absent?

If you remember awhile a go I talked about Objection suggesting we move in together.  Although I was delighted at his offer, I was also handling it with caution.  You never know what the future holds, frankly, and I didn’t want to be put in a situation that I’d end up regretting.  I was faced with two situations and that in itself became a hot topic with my friends and I.  My friend encouraged me to take the leap of faith into the relationship. They know Objection, they love him, he’s kind enough too them, charming and funny. However, I wasn’t completely invested in the idea.  What if something happened between us and we ended up on the rocks. Where would I go? What would I do? I have a lot of savings, but staying in a hotel for X amount of time while finding a new apartment didn’t seem like my idea of fun. Of course, there is the chance Obj, and I won’t ever break up, but, why count my chickens before they all hatch?  It worried me because although Obj. and I have been together for a long time, we’ve never really been a GF/BF couple.  To be fair, it isn’t a lot different than how it was before, but still. I wanted to play it safe.

My eventual choice? I told Objection that I didn’t want to move in with him because I didn’t like feeling like I didn’t have a back up plan and I didn’t want to lose my apartment.  Maybe that’s selfish of me, but I’m a very steady person and I like to always have an option B.  So Objection, in turn, offered to pay for the next year of my lease. If I still feel the same in a year, he would renew the lease again, but he would also love it if we found our own apartment. Right now, my apartment is 100% paid for as of the 14th of Nov. This also means. Yes, Obj and I have decided to move in together.

Since the 14th, on our breaks from lunch, after work, or days off, we’ve been able to look at some amazing apartments, and although it’s soon, and we haven’t seen as many as I wish we would have, there are two specific ones that have me head over heels in love. One rental and one for actual sale.  One is in the Upper East Side, another in Murray Hill.  Right now we’re both trying as hard as poss. to get the apt in the Upper East Side though.  Objection will be buying it however… Which is one of the reasons I was so reluctant to move in with him at first, because I knew this would be the kind of arrangement we’d have, however, with the back up plan of my own apartment in my own name not far away, it makes me breath a little easier.

Window shopping for furniture has been fun also. Already have a few pieces on hold.  With Thankgiving coming up, as well as Objection and I going to France, it may be until January until I get back into the full swing of things! However, I haven’t forgotten about any of you, and I’ve missed you all!  Hopefully I’ll be able to post Q&A  /  a new How To post later tonight, or even tomorrow morning, but right now, I’ve got to meet up with Obj. and hopefully make an offer on this home!

Have an opinion?  I’d love to hear it.  Take the poll… You can anonymously comment on it too. 🙂  I love hearing you girls’ opinions!

.P.S. To all those who have messaged me, don’t worry, I’m getting around to it.  I should reply within the next 48 hours.  Remember. I get a handful of emails per day, so give me a bit of time! :))


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