Are You Giving Away Your Identity?

I’ve been wanting to post this for awhile after receiving a couple of alarming questions in regards to sugar daddies asking for very personal details.  This is, in my opinion, much too important for Q&A Wednesday (Which, BTW, all the Q&A I missed last week will be posted this week. Remember to ask your questions! (: )

Are you giving away your identity? Not “are you getting it stolen” but actually giving it away?  I recently received an email from a reader that was along the lines of: “My POT SD asked for my SS#, Drivers license #, Routing # because he wants to put me on his tax return.”  This, surprisingly was almost identical to another message I received stating the same thing with only a few details changed. My response was along the lines of “RUN!”

It’s easy — very easy — to get wrapped up in the thought of playing house.  Only, the house is yours, someone pays for everything, and you have your independence.  When a pot. SD offers promises of trips, travel, shopping and money. Greed, or even financial need can step in.  It can be tempting, mouth watering even, when you have a man offering you $5,000, a paid apartment, and a monthly shopping trip. I always live by the rule “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…” Which is why when Obj. asked me to move in with him, I was cautious and careful.

I did a little bit of research on Sugar Baby identity theft, or sugar baby identity stolen, to see if I could point these girls in the right direction… but disturbingly, nothing really came up.

I always personally knew to never give away these valuable pieces of information, but honestly, I never knew 100% why. I knew they were personable to only myself, and that people can do damage with only things you should know, but did I know the exact reason?  Not at all. Sugar daddies should never ask for those pieces of information.  License numbers and routing numbers do NOT need to go on a tax return.  Sugar daddies that are asking this are more than likely con men.  Please don’t allow these “sugar daddies” to con you!

So, after doing some research, here are some of the reasons giving these seemingly innocent snippets of info can be detrimental.  Especially if you give them ALL together!

Social Security Number and your Sugar Daddy:

A dishonest person who has your Social Security number can use it to get other personal information about you. Identity thieves can use your number and your good credit to apply for more credit in your name. Then, they use the credit cards and do not pay the bills. You may not find out that someone is using your number until you are turned down for credit or you begin to get calls from unknown creditors demanding payment for items you never bought  .- Social Security Online

More reading determined that if anyone steals your SS# your credit, any financial stability you do have can be completely messed up.  Think about it a sugar daddy offers you a large monthly allowance, but, little do you know, this is all being given on your own credit card. 

“Ok Elsy, but this is for his tax return, and I really don’t think he’d do that.  He seems so genuine.”  Okay, fine. That leads me to

Bank Routing / Account number and your Sugar Daddy:

First of all, there’s the ease of committing fraud with checks.  A thief with a stolen check (or deposit slip) has all they need to take money from your account — the routing number and account number (found at the bottom of the check in MICR letters.)  Note that the thief doesn’t need any kind of ID… or a PIN… or a physical card… or a CCv2 code… or even to know your name.  No, the numbers will do.  What can they do with a stolen check?  There are three basic things:

  • Order up a whole book of checks with your information and account numbers on them.  No ID is required to order checkbooks online.  They can then spend these checks anywhere, and the bank will process them — you probably won’t find out until your account is empty and you start getting NSF notices.
  • Remove the amount and recipient from the check and write it out to themselves instead.  This is a bigger problem for institutional checks, which are often printed on a laser printer.  It’s really easy to remove laser-printed text from an offset-printed check — just lay some Scotch tape over the laser text, rub it hard with your fingernail, and peel the text off.  Then you can print out a new amount and recipient with your own laser printer, and it looks just like the real thing.  Chemical agents (“check washing”) can do this with ball-point pen ink, too, though it’s not so easy.
  • Issue a demand draft (“paperless check.”)  This is what happens when you pay by phone with your checking account number, or use an automated bill pay service, or send money via PayPal.  Using your routing number and account number, money is simply removed from your account and put into someone else’s.  No authorization or authentication is used, your name is not even required.  Yes, really.  Anyone can do this from any account to any other account.  For a while, you used to be able to do this from a web site.  – PerimeterGrid

If your POT. SD tells you he wants to wire money too you. CALL YOUR BANK! Don’t take what they say as the truth and always double check.!  A sugar daddy who knows your routing and account number can again spend money on you at your expense. You’re practically giving away your identity!  If he wants to give you money, again, check with your bank, or even let HIM write a check to YOU.

Elsy, I still don’t believe you!  He just wants to give me money!  Okay… Then what about

Drivers License and your Sugar Daddy:

“One of today’s most recognized forms of identification, your driver’s license – with its photo – is used as a proof of identity for cashing checks, boarding an airplane, proving your age. In some states, your social security number may still be used as your driver’s license number. Your date of birth, another important piece of personal information, also appears on your license. In a thief’s hands, this document can provide vital information and, with the photo altered, can pass a cursory examination and serve as someone else’s identification. Your state department of motor vehicles may have further information for you on identity theft. “Better Business Bureau

“Identity theft is the unlawful use of an individual’s personal identification information. Identity thieves steal information such as your name, social security number, driver’s license information, or bank and credit card accounts and use the information to establish credit, make purchases, apply for loans or even seek employment.” – Office of Attorny General

It’s already bad enough when someone steals just one piece of that information, but all of it at once could be detrimental.  Girls, PROTECT YOURSELVES AND BE SMART! Do your research! 


4 thoughts on “Are You Giving Away Your Identity?

  1. I SD wants to meet me without sending me pictures. He is from California and says that he is in town in Miami which he also has a house. Do I meet him without seeing a picture at a local coffee shop???
    Also, is if the first time you are going to meet someone out of state, how do I go about the travel arrangements???
    Thanks so much and good luck to you all!!!

      • If you give the sort code and account number fo transfer of money I dont see any problem , I dont mean the card number and security pin on the back just the small numbers on the buttom , this is just to get money in your account , when I pay the ask for the card number and secuity pin so they cannot eally do any kind of fraud with these , what do u think?:?

  2. What about the name.

    I’m from Montreal, Canada. I’m new to this sd/sb world and a little apprehensive about giving away my real name. Im using another name for now as I was always told that a name is as important as your social security # and drivers licence.
    Should I use my real name ?

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