GB: Meet Sugar Rush

For awhile now, you’ve probably heard me mention a thing or two about wanting a guest blogger on here.I always find it’s important to have fresh opinions, new perspectives and an open mind.

So, that being said, meet Sugar Rush, a new sugar baby.  After reading her blog, I decided I liked what I read.  She was honest, approachable and well put.  Being as it’s been months and even years for some just starting out in the SB world, I asked her to describe what starting out was like for her and her personal experiences.

“Ahhhh! The life of Sugar Baby seems so easy and care free. I remember watching “True Life: I’m a Sugar Baby” when it first aired a while ago, and thinking I want that lifestyle. Even before True Life, I thought about having a Sugar Daddy but I was way too young to get involved with men. Now that I’m 18 I decided I was mature enough to handle this. Boy was I wrong! I’m usually confident when it comes to guys, but something about these men threw me off. I always think they’re so wise, more intelligent, more mature, and so many other things. Talking to guys my age is such a breeze but it is BEYOND difficult talking to someone who is 20 years+ older than you. I  can’t even lie, some of these guys made me feel insecure about myself. What if I’m not pretty enough? What if they don’t like me when they meet me? What would they want with a girl like me? What can I offer besides sex? Which brings me to my next problem. I find it disturbing having sex with someone who is the same age as my parents or even older! Or even having sex with someone I’m not IN LOVE with. Sex is a major step for me, and everyone I talked to treated it like it was like a everyday activity for them. When I first started a lot of sugar daddies would run for the hills when I told them I wanted a  strictly platonic relationship. I thought about giving up so many times. That all of this was worthless, and not fit for a girl like me. If I’m not giving it up, I’ll never find a sugar daddy. I can’t be a sugar baby. Then I realized I was getting my feelings too involved before I even met a sugar daddy! Starting out as a sugar baby can be so difficult! I was worrying about all the wrong things, and talking to the wrong guys. Then finally I just took a step back, and everything started to slowly get better. I’ve meet so many assholes, but I’ve also talked to a lot of great guys. My advice to new sugar babies is don’t let one bad experience knock you down.  Well that is all that I have to write for now. Until next time Sugar’s!”


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