A Sugar Babies New Years Resolutions

With Christmas just around the corner and New Year soon to follow, it’s only natural that with a New Year we like to make new beginnings. New Year Resolutions give us the opportunity to make changes in our lives, let us set goals for ourselves, and for us to reevaluate life in general

So, should Sugar Babies set New Year resolutions for themselves? Absolutely! Why not change all aspects of our lives, even the sugary side? However, it can be easy to get ahead of ourselves and make large promises and expectations that realistically can’t, or won’t, be fulfilled. So, what kind of resolutions should be set? Here are a few ideas to pick and choose from.

1. Throw away the old, and bring in the new: Especially true for clothes. Look at your wardrobe and see what kind of date clothes you have, and if they truly suit you now. Look through online look books and check out the New Year sales. Donate or sell the old clothes you no longer wear and make room for all the new things you can buy. Updating your look is always fun. 🙂

2. Improve your self confidence. Get a make over, a haircut, new make up, go to the spa. Sugar babies need confidence when entering the sugar world. No sugar daddy wants a woman who will constantly pull herself down. Saying “I’m ugly” and fishing for compliments will not be attractive to a sugar daddy. If you don’t think you’re beautiful, you wont radiate beauty.

3. Become better company (or, finally make the dive into the sugar baby world.) Sure, you’ve been in this game for awhile (or you may be even starting out) But be sure to brush up on your Sugar Baby Etiquette. It’s easy to forget simple things after being out the game for awhile after finally finding that one special Sugar Daddy.

4. Update and expand your profile. You’re making big changes, right? Well, maybe you’ve decided to start working out more or train for a marathon. Put that in your profile and make a great profile! (Plus, if you tell others about your goals, it’ll encourage you each time you see it, hopefully!) Within time, you can make your profile bigger and better than before, encouraging more men to contact you, and more opportunities for you. (Always remember to be safe and careful when meeting sugar daddies though)

5. Start a Sugar Baby Blog / Facebook. Documenting your thoughts, ideas, and adventures as a sugar baby can help, encourage and entertain other sugar babies. Starting a blog and joining the SB facebook community will motivate you! I love the fact I can get honest feedback from the lovely girls on Facebook, and they’re not as bitchy as media portrays us. 😉

6. Read more blogs and keep updated on the sugar bowl. Again, facebook is a really great way to do this. A lot of girls will post pictures of potential sugar daddies and ask if they’re real or fake. Other SB’s who have talked to or met these individuals can give you feedback. I love to try and keep up with my Sugar baby Blogroll too and read what’s going on in girls’ lives.

7. Start spending your money wisely and saving! Yes, not fun at all. But you don’t want to be financially dependent on your sugar daddy. Plus, it’s always nice to have extra in your pocket right? By making small changes in your lifestyle you can easily end up saving over $100-5,000 depending on where you live and what your lifestyle is like now.

8. Get another sugar daddy, or drop one. Maybe Sugar Daddy A just isn’t paying all the bills you need, so why not get another? It’s OK to have another. Hey, if you can handle the time, why not get two more? If you have too many and feel overwhelmed, you could always drop one. Sugar daddies will come and go. Until you find that special one, don’t feel obligated to just one.
9. Get your allowance raised, or, set the bar higher. If you don’t feel like your financially being provided for, set the bar higher but don’t get too greedy. Set your allowance where you think it should be, but within reason. Be realistic. Be prepared to haggle and argue this if you’re really dedicated and fixed to this price.
10. Slow down. Remember, finding a GOOD Sugar Daddy is not a rat race. I read on NYC SB’s blog how she thought
“[It’s]… difficult now to find TRUE SDs because of the popularity in the media and such.”
I think she’s right to some extent. Media has really popularized the lifestyle, so finding a good sugar daddy is harder, but, still doable.
Good luck writing your New Years Resolutions! Why don’t you share them in a comment below or take the p0ll? I’d love to hear them! 🙂

P.S. I read years a go that psychologically, if we promise ourselves something (I’m going to quit smoking, lose weight, etc) and we don’t follow through, we ultimately lose trust in ourselves. So, a year later when we say “I’m going to ____” our sub conscience doesn’t believe it will happen, so it’s less likely it will. SO, for those with the regular goals. (Smoking, Weight, Etc) Be sure to keep that promise to yourself!


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