Christmas in France & Joyeux Noel

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS GORGEOUS LADIES!  I promised a post around this time, so here I am! I’m going to try and summarize it as much as possible whilst it’s fresh in my head. It’s been amazing.

Objection arrived in Paris safe and sound, and it was absolutely amazing to see him again. He didn’t come empty handed, either. One suitcase of his clothes, and two more of presents for myself and my whole family. That, in itself, was incredibly exciting for me!  We decided to get a rental car since I’ve been using my parents + public transport, and we got something to eat straight away. Obj. was hungry, and I was too.

Objection loves Paris, he loves the lights and bustling city.  Like I said a few days a go,  sure, New York and Paris are both major cities to some people, but when you’re actually in both places, they’re much more different than that.

Speaking of – my parents LOVE Objection… Especially my dad, who I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, is American. Although my father is now fluent in French (besides a few mistakes here and there) my father didn’t know the language as well compared to when I was much younger.  I think my father was excited to be able to speak English because he had too, other than for work.  I almost feel bad for Objection having to listen to my dad babble on every time they see each other.

Obj. & I had the best sex on top of it.  I forgot how amazing it was to just kiss him and smell him and touch him. He’s been using moves on the iKamasutra app we downloaded a few months a go.  Score. 🙂

Anyway, I want to skip to Christmas Eve,  because, Christmas’ are always amazing.  As you may remember me saying in previous posts, all of my family (French side) travels to my grandmothers house on Christmas Eve. My parents, myself and Objection were the first to arrive on Christmas Eve, mainly to help my grandmother. After my grandfather died, she’s been so frazzled.. But she’s determined to keep Christmas tradition alive.  It’s a hard time for us, but we’re all pulling through.  My grandmother was excited to meet Objection, and I don’t think he was expecting to be showered in kisses when she saw him.  My grandmother is very flamboyant and outrageously loving.  She wanted to ensure he felt at home.

We started cooking Réveillon and brother and sister soon showed up.  My brother came with his wife and his baby, my niece.  My cousins soon showed up too.  We all took turns cooking, setting tables, chatting and sitting around playing with the children.  Now, you must understand, my family is very large.  My mother has two brothers and a sister, and she is the youngest.  One of my uncles had three kids, (and two of them have kids of their own) the other had one (who has kids, too) and her sister had three kids (and they all have children.)  Christmas’ are huge in my family.  Hence why it’s so good to have it at my grandmothers huge place.

All the children were fascinated with Objection, as he speaks very little French.  Often someone would have to translate for them, with exception of my oldest second cousin, who is in his teen years now, and very smart. — And honestly, I thought Objection would become overwhelmed with meeting all my family and not speaking the language well, but, he was genuinely happy to be part of something, and he was picking up quickly.  I could tell. He relaxed, played with the babies, made jokes, practiced his French, helped cook.  I’ve not been this happy in a long time.

When food was finally cooked, it was an amazing feast.  We talked about New York, about Objections work,  my cousin announced she was pregnant, my sister got a new and better job, we had a moment of silence for my grandfather…  My brother pulled me aside at one point and gave me a big hug and told me he could tell I was happy, and was happy for me.  My brother has always been protective of me, so I’m glad he likes Objection too.

The best part was opening the presents though, because, who doesn’t like presents?  My grandmother gave me her Bible her grandmother had given too her, which was one of the most meaningful gifts I’ve ever had.  My cousins all chipped in and gave me $2000, which was so sweet. They wanted to try and focus more on monetary gifts, since I have to go back to France.   Objection gifted his things last, and I’ll never forget how he gave me the last present. Wrapping paper everywhere, surrounded in family, my father pulling out a camera to record (which, I thought was funny, but shrugged it off.)  I opened a box with the most beautiful engagement ring and Obj asking me to marry him.  I said yes. I’m engaged with the best ring I could ask for

Objection had, apparently, asked for my fathers blessing before I even knew, hence why my dad knew to record. In fact, everyone knew except for me. But, you know, it’s an amazing gift, and I can honestly say, I’ve never been happier!!!!

But don’t worry, SBD is still a huge priority of mine! 






4 thoughts on “Christmas in France & Joyeux Noel

  1. Hi Elsy,

    First of all, félicitation! for your engagement. I was so thrilled to hear 🙂

    Since you were having hard time, I am so happy to know all these pieces coming together into one (and shape of big heart!) for you.

    I always enjoy your blog 🙂

    Anyway, just wanted to say congrats and wish you, your fiancé and your families a very happy new year!

    xxx Mika

    • Thank you so much Mika! I’m really excited and happy for the New Year. I feel like 2012 is going to something special! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas love 🙂

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