Wow! What Milestones!

I’m heading back to NYC today (it’s 7am here at the moment!) I’m so excited to be going home.

Thank you for all the congratulations I’ve received on Facebook and here! I appreciate you guys’ support a lot.  But, I’ll be very honest. I’m scared as shit to make this transition. I’m still young, and Obj. is much older. My brother sat me down yesterday and asked me to make sure I’m ready for this, and since that chat, I’ve felt nervous over this whole thing. Am I really making the right choice? I love Objection, but arg! Maybe this is just a 24 hour worry that people get when they first get engaged, but I’m sure I’m worrying over nothing.

Also, a lovely thank you to the person who sent me on my paypal at and asked me to donate it. I doubled it and gave it to a church nearby my grandmothers house that helps children! There will be some warm kids for 2012!

I’m also really excited to state that this blog has gone over it’s 10,000 views mark after 3 months. 3,300 views a month isn’t bad.  It’s really motivating!

For those lovely people who were wondering if Objection and I got that lovely huge apartment… No, we didn’t. We got one a bit smaller in the same side of town.  Objection has also had a job offer to another state, but more about that once I get to my beloved NYC!


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