Happy New Year!

Who was with me at the NY ball drop?  I wonder if I bumped into anyone there ;)!

New years Eve was pretty amazing for me, and the party I ended up going too after the ball dropped was pretty great, too. My friend decided to host it, and I have got to say, she did an amazing job. Lots of men, lots of music, and lots of alcohol. I feel sorry for people in NY who wanted to sleep that night.

Now I have a killer hangover, even though it’s past 4 p.m.  and I’m tired. All I want to do is sleep. Objection and I have done nothing but sleep and laze around all day, so we’re both still in our PJ’s, lazy and blah.

Despite this, I decided to go ahead and set goals for myself for twenty twelve.

  1. Start running in the morning, every week day.
  2. Try to eat more (Sometimes I forget to eat or don’t feel hungry)
  3. Read one book every month, starting with The Professor & The Madman
  4. Try harder in school
  5. Start planning my wedding, setting dates
  6. Begin my Etsy shop (Which is still being developed and sorted out)
  7. Volunteer more
  8. Donate to charity every month
  9. Adopt a new animal (Cat/Dog/Ferret?)
  10. Put more money into making this blog bigger and better than before
  11. Socialize more and make more time for friends (I sometimes put friends on the back burner to study for school)
  12. Write a book

The last one I’ve had as an idea for awhile, even before this blog.  I’ve begun the general rough outline of the book, but hopefully it’ll be done within this year. I plan on getting it put on Amazon as a kindle book / iPad / ebook soon!

It’s going to be interesting to look back on this in a year and see what I did or didn’t do!



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. This blog is adorable…. The advice given here is accurate and informative. I have been what you refer to as a “Sugar Baby” for close to 8 years. I never used that term for myself but I do notice it is getting popular. And its cute! My girlfriends are constantly asking me for advice on how to attract Sugar Daddies or how to maintain them for long term. My main Poppa is married. Very successful and has a high profile career. I believe it is safe and smart for him to stick with one Sugar Baby without trading in. He trusts me and has invested in me for a long time. Now he is getting closer and using the L-O-V-E word A LOT. I don’t know… maybe he is falling in love but like Marilyn Monroe said
    “A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesnt believe, and leaves before she is left.”. I love the advice you give of saving the money that we receive… He has invested in my education. Instead of collecting designer bags and shoes (although its nice now and then) I have steered him years ago from materialism to trips around the world. Sugar Babies should always aim to be cultured and refined citizens of the world. I consider myself a modern day Courtesan like Marie Duplessis or Veronica Franco were centuries ago..There is an art to entertaining gentlemen and you understand that very well. I would love to read your book when you finish.. Good Luck… Thank You for sharing… Happy New Year!

  2. Stay Positive no matter what life may throw your way and always stay focused, reprograming our ways of thinking about others and ourselves. In with the positive out with negative! Always respecting each other and eagerly learning from each other in order tolive in peace and harmony( coexisting) with every species in and around our world!

    Happy New Year to all, may your wishes come true!

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