A Sugar Baby and an STD

Awhile a go I met some other sugar babies from NYC who varied from extremely into this lifestyle to just considering it.  Yolanda*, a girl who was just starting out in the sugar bowl became a good friend of mine, who I was able to “mentor” for the first few months of her SB lifestyle.

Unfortunately, Yolanda and I lost touch after awhile. With our lives going our own way, and her moving to California, our weekly dinners were scattered to weekly Facebook messages, which then turned into when ever we had the chance messages.  However, Yolanda sent me a message a couple of days a go to let me know she would be back in New York for a couple of weeks, and asked if I would like to meet up with her.   Of course I jumped at the opportunity.

We met at the old coffee place I worked at and sat down to discuss life.  Yolanda is no longer a sugar baby, which surprised me, but she ended up admitting (after much probing) to me why she ultimately decided to go on her sugar strike.

Yolanda met an interesting pot in California when she moved there. The pot seemed like a decent catch. His allowance was decent enough, and although his personality wasn’t marriage material, he was a decent enough guy. She ended up seeing this guy for a couple of months, until she started noticing small bumps – which ended up genital warts… Yolanda ended up getting HPV from her SD, which she cut off contact from immediately.

Yes, HPV may be nothing compaired to AIDS, in your mind, but HPV can cause cervical cancer – or what if he had an STD that couldn’t be treated?

This subject should be brought into light more often. Another Sugar Baby had recently brought this subject up with me awhile a go, and I had been meaning to post about it ever since, but I just seem to forget.  Ladies, please use protection. A mans money doesn’t protect him from STD’s or the serious risks it can bring. He may have been infected by a cheating wife, or another sugar baby, and just not realize it.

Read up on STD’s and look up the serious risks. Get educated ladies!

*All names have been changed to protect the identity of people in this story


3 thoughts on “A Sugar Baby and an STD

  1. When I first started I placed a high level of trust in the men I was talking with. It can be incredibly easy to be deceived into thinking that a sugar daddy would not have an STD because he is wealthy, successful, a doctor… I had my run in with a gentleman a few months back, whom, thankfully, was kind enough to let me know that he had come into contact with HSV-II? I of coarse thanked him for his candor and decided that the relationship was not worth the risk, no matter the precautions taken. A lot of men may not be so kind as to let you know and if this is your only source of income an STD can put you in quite a heap of trouble. I think it is so important to stress that you must love your own body, above money, above the love of another human being. Protect and look out for yourself first.

  2. Aw! You beat me to it. I saw someone used the search terms “sugar daddy gave me an STD” and it led to my page. I was slow on blog production ha ha. Any how, they should also know that there are several different strains of HPV approx. 18? And Gardisil only protects against a handful, even less. I will say that after an abnormal pap, you’ll get a colposcopy done. This is where they determine whether or not you have cancerous cells. If not, your body fights of the virus within two years. It isn’t a death sentence like HIV/AIDS. As long as you stay healthy and take care of yourself, your body will kick HPV’s ass. Im sorry about your friend who was unfortunately infected with a strain that caused genital warts. She may have to even get them removed. I have no idea what thats like. Let it be a lesson. A woman’s sexual health is something that should be well taken care of. If your POT SD doesn’t offer up to use a condom, just keep in mind that he has no regard for your sexual health. Thanks for the post, just wanted to throw in my two cents. 🙂

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