Can I? Should I? Would I? Questions!

Hello girls! I’ve been trying to play catch up with some of the questions I have received these past few months on my tumblr. I’ve stopped doing Q&A Wednesday, because it was too much to keep up with, plus harder to find on the blog. Plus, I really don’t have the energy to post much due to depression. Remember, I have a Sugar Baby Q&A , as if you haven’t read it already, as I get a lot of repeat questions.

Hi Etsy, I’m a fisrt time suga baby, to be honest i just started a few days ago. But the thing is i’m a virgin. Can i be a sugar baby while still bing a virgin?
Yes, you could. But, quite honestly, your prospects will be extremely low, if not nearly impossible.  99.5% of the men out there are not looking to play Scrabble in the bedroom, if you get what I mean.
Hi 🙂 I was wondering what your opinion was on sugarbabies tht look lik wel.. Normal woman? Lol im pretty but im hardly up to model standards lol. I am nt overweight but im nt rly skinny either.. I hav a pretty great personality so hopefully I cn get poin too :). Um I was wondering if mabe I could send you a picture of myself and mabe I could get an honest opinion on whether or not a sugar daddy would be interested on me..? 🙂 thnx
Not all sugar babies are ridiculously gorgeous, like TV leads you to believe. You can send pictures to my email, I will get around to seeing them I’m sure, but I’m sure you’re just fine. A lot of men prefer personality over physical attractiveness.  How fun would going anywhere be with a 20 year old who acts like she’s 4? Even if she is a model.
you have specific advice for BBW , what about older “sugarbabbies” believe it or not i have my first sd now! i worry time is wasted . (i am 53!) YES look early 40’s my sd guessed 37??? waaay off.
Great point, and congratulations! I don’t know many older sugar babies at all. In fact, the older ones I know, are in their early thirties. I doubt I have much useful advice, except for GIRL WORK IT!
Hi Elsy – I am a brand new SB and haven’t met anyone yet, though I have been receiving lots of emails from a website I just joined. Is it possible to find an attractive SD that you actually want to spend time with? Also what is standard for once a month meeting allowance (and how many hours).
Yes is most definitely is.  Plenty of sugar babes get sexy, rich and fun men. Sometimes, we’re not all so lucky… Just keep searching. Standard allowance can range different amounts, and if you’re getting paid per meet or per month.  It can range from 300-800 depending on where you live / your needs.
HI! J’adore vraiment lire ton blog, il est super! Je voulais juste savoir, est ce que c’est possible de devenir une SB en France? Parce que j’ai cru comprendre que la plupart des SD sont aux Etats Unis… :/
Basic Translation: Can you be a SB in
You can find SD’s in any country!

15 thoughts on “Can I? Should I? Would I? Questions!

  1. Hi Elsy, great advice as always! I’m sorry to hear about your depression and hope that you’ll be able to snap back to your jolly self soon 🙂

  2. Your amounts are way too low. I am a sugar daddy, and i’ve given up to 3000 for a meeting. 300-800 is more the range for an expensive escort. If a sugar daddy is truly rich, the difference between 500 and 2000 is often simply the woman having the courage to ask for as much as she deserves.

      • Seriously. I had one offer 3k/month for 3-4 meets per month, I do think 300 is too low though, but I’ve heard of girls that go as low as 100. With my current SD, who is very attractive and great in bed, I get 2k/month for about 2 meets (it’s long distance), which is still very generous. If you’re doing p4p I would think 500 at LEAST.

      • I also agree that your amounts are way too low. I have a current sugar daddy that has paid me well over $10,000 this year for just web camming with him (nothing explicit). Now that I’m almost finished my schooling, I am living off of him. He gives me at minimum $4500 a month if I fly down to visit him. You need to up your standards girl! Most sugar daddies, especially if they are married, are willing to give you more if you just ask for it! Confidence is key. 🙂

    • Nice blog Elsy. I’ve been reading up on all the “norms and rules” of these arrangement, and I find it all to be very interesting and quite frankly, exciting! 😉

      And D.L.: I’m moving to L.A. after the summer, so call me. haha.
      I joined SA and my little number is: 950694

  3. I am trying to become a sugar baby, any hints or tips you can give me? I have a blog that I have started hoping to find someone that way. I live in Texas by the way. Are there any good free sites I should be on? I am on a few but I don’t seem to be getting any hits.

  4. Hi Elsy,

    Comment vas-tu ? Je n’ai plus de tes news ! C’est très bien de donner des conseils, mais toi ? Tu ne parles plus de toi, vas-tu mieux ? Et si toi tu as besoin de conseils ou de parler, j’ai pas 40 ans de vie derrière moi, mais je suis là !


  5. Hi Elsy,

    Found your blog today and am hooked. You sound like such a sweet, genuine person! I’ve tried the whole SB thing, found a number of interested suitors, but when it came to actually meeting them and establishing an arrangement… I sort of chickened out. I’m not sure if it’s nerves, or if I’m just morally conflicted. My father was really into buying women’s sexual favors, and sadly wasn’t too discreet about it. He’d also go for the trashiest women who weren’t respectful of his home life. It ruined so much of my childhood, forced me to spend a decade in therapy, turned my mother someone I can’t even recognize. At the same time that it disgusts and appalls me like nothing else, I also find it fascinating. I am aroused by the idea of it and can’t push it from my mind. I don’t need the money and since I’ve always been a ‘good girl’ as a way of rebelling against my derelict parents, I’m kind of scared of giving into these desires. But I can’t deny that it turns me on.

    Any advice for a conflicted would-be baby?

    (Also, speaking as someone who has battled depression practically from the time of my conception, stay strong! I know it’s cheesy and clichéd, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.)

    • My father was also a cheat, though not to that extreme…I’ve never cheated myself, and didn’t want to find a married SD…I think there are plenty of divorcees/widowers/lonely older men out there…if I were you I’d try to find one like that – if they are unattached, no one can be hurt by your affair, right? Best of luck to you..

  6. Hi, my SD and I have not met yet, we have talked on the phone and went over how the arrangement is going to go. We are meeting when he gets back to the country but should I still keep in contact with him everyday or everyday second day or should I wait until he comes back three days from now?

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