Money, Allowances, and Gifts.. Sugar Baby Style!

Hello girls! I’ve been trying to play catch up with some of the questions I have received these past few months on my tumblr. I’ve stopped doing Q&A Wednesday, because it was too much to keep up with, plus harder to find on the blog. Plus, I really don’t have the energy to post much due to depression. Remember, I have sugar baby allowance guide if you haven’t read it already. These are not ALL the questions I’ve received, but these are the ones directed towards money.

I keep managing to attract new sugar daddies and me being a new sugar baby myself isn’t easy. The pressure is king of put on me to work out the details. I know the man is supposed to bring up the allowance however they keep asking me what I want. I don’t want to go to low or to high. Any advice?
Ask for what you feel is reasonable, and it varies for each person and each city. If you lived in a small town in Nevada, you probably wont be needing $1,000. However, L.A.? That may seem completely reasonable.  If you feel uncomfortable asking for “too much”, maybe you could explain what you need money for. (School, rent, debt, etc)
Hi Elsy, do you have to pay tax on the gifts that your sugar daddies give you?
Do you have to? No. I’ll be writing a more elaborate post on this soon.
Am in first official sd/sb relationship. he married, fine w/me. we agreed to a price b4 the first meeting. worked out well. lg story short I asked for xtra money (very hard travel expense and pet sitter. he gave that but next time, down to original price. he could not see me, offered to put money in my account (1/2 of orig/arrang). still could not meet. ask for deposit. (after he said he was sorry could not meet and he would make it up 2 me. how can i get raise w/o risk losing relationship
I’m not really sure what your whole post says exactly. It’s quite hard for me to tell what is really going on. From how it sounds, you made an arrangement with a guy, asked for extra for travel expensive for the first meeting, but he couldn’t see you the next time you were supposed to meet (so I’m guessing it’s a pay per meeting? not monthly?) but he still gave you 1/2, and he could not meet again, so you asked for a deposit and now you want a raise?????
I have heard of sugar daddies not paying their SB’s if they don’t see them, and I’m confused about why you’d want a raise after (as it seems) you’ve only been with your SD one time.
Should I lie about my needs? I can live on what I’m making (not lavishly). I live in Texas which is a less expensive city…however…I know this sugar baby gig won’t last for long, and I’d like to put some money away or invest for the future.
You could. That’s a personal preferance I’d guess.  Some men just like to pamper ladies, so you’ll accept the “I just want to be spoiled” answer. A lot of sugar babies will exaggerate their needs however.
Should I say I’m a student even if I’m not for more $$$?
You could. But some SDs like verification of you ACTUALLY being a student. 🙂
My SD isn’t really giving me the amount I want, and I’m wondering if I’m asking for to much or not enough. He’s offered to take care of me, take me shopping, get my hair done, but no cash (which is what I need) I think he wants me to be the only one…I can’t put all my eggs in one basket like that. It would cause me too much anxiety. How should I approach the subject? I don’t want to come off greedy and lose him, I really like him.
Perhaps you could bring up the fact that, although you love how much he pampers you, you really need to pay X over getting your hair done.  Some sugar babies are able to say “I’d rather just take the money, thanks.” Did you not work out this arrangement first? It’s better to judt be upfront about your needs vs. being passive over them and hoping for the best.

12 thoughts on “Money, Allowances, and Gifts.. Sugar Baby Style!

  1. Hi
    I am a new sugar baby. I was interested that you say you have depression. I suffer from depression quite bad. Should I tell a SD about it? I don’t want to put them off but I don’t like lying.
    Hev x

    • Honestly, I would not. I don’t feel like it’s lying as much as not telling every aspect of your life. Sometimes we feel upset, and sad, but why make a SD feel like we have that extra baggage?

  2. Hi I’m Erica, I’ve been a sugar baby for the last 2 1/2 years. This is the first time I’ve had a SD that deposited money in my bank, usually because he is out of town. He covers all my bills and spending money. I just pulled up my bank statement for the last 6 months and it is pretty high my bills alone amount to 3400 a month. I’m definitely over the 2k a month. What should I do. Is there a way to file taxes on this money or what should I do? I’m starting to worry.

  3. I’m just wondering if there are any sites that may tell you what is a reasonable allowance compared to what your SD makes. Say you meet a SD who makes between 100,000 and 125,000 a year. what would be a reasonable amount per month?!?

  4. As I am new to the SD/SB world I was interested in knowing if there is a guide to the categories negotiated.

    For instance: allowance expectation- if it is flat monthly allowance or gift per date/time spent together, amount of time expected, what to do if an SD has to cancel an arranged date and what if a fee or reg allowance still given, what happens if either party wishes to renegotiate terms or terminate the relationship, is there a lump sum that should be given for a termination, etc.

    The gentleman that I have met and I are both very business oriented which makes this very comfortable for me.
    I appreciate any and all advice

  5. OK, I’m a Sugar Daddy and I just wanted to interject a little perspective from the other side. I’m doing pretty well financially as a business owner of a small but booming business. As a business owner I have to hire many employees. A Sugar Baby is really a specialized personal assistant. She is an employee that is paid for a service. Basically the SD is paying for the “Girlfriend Experience” form the SB. I’m speaking of what I think most SD are looking for. Anyway, I feel that the SB should NOT be looking for a monetary gift on the first date as a decider to drop the SD. This should be a meet and greet for lunch at a nice restaurant that the SD pays for. A traditional first date. People usually can tell if they have chemistry on this first date. Thereafter every SD should pay for every visit or a monthly allowance, whatever they decide that fulfills their expectations. I agree with most everything else discussed, just not the advise that if the SD doesn’t give a monetary gift on the fist date the SB should drop him. 2nd day, yes, drop him if an agreement was made that isn’t kept. It should be paid when they meet. I actually make Origami hearts or animals out of the bills to give my SB.

    • That’s really sweet! I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but it would be amazing to meet someone with enough patience and thoughtfulness as to put in that much effort.

      On a side note, Elsy, how can I ask for simple things? This may sound weird, but the few that seemed to be serious were offended about how little I asked for. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why. I have two jobs working to support myself and my mother. So if I want a trip to the spa or salon once a month and nothing more, why it is being treated as an insult to ask for only that? Any thoughts, or am I just having a string of bad luck?

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