I know a lot of you girls are going to be questioning my last blog post.  I know it was a bit smutty, but I want you girls to realize the place I was at a few months a go vs. now. It was difficult to write that post, because I’m ashamed of how I felt back then.


Objection and I are back together if anyone hasn’t gotten that already, and right now I’m staying in Florida.  I’ll update more later, but until then… ❤


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  1. Hey Elsy, effectivement j’étais un peu surprise de ton dernier post. Un peu confuse, mais apparemment tu es de retour avec Objection et tant que tu es heureuse c’est l’essentiel 🙂 Peut-être êtes-vous faits pour être ensemble, who knows…

  2. Hi Elsy, I was surprised about your last post as well, but I could really identify myself with the feelings you described. I am a SB from Germany and my “SD” lives in FLorida as well… I have to say when I first started out in the sugar world, you were the first blogger I discovered and actually my inspiration. I had a longdistance relationship with this man in Florida and we never saw it as an arrangement… I hoped our relationship would have the same happy end as your story. There has been a special connection between us. Our plan was that I would relocate to Florida next year when I will have graduated over here. But we had some issues the last time and now it´s like we´ve broken up (my decision). I am still very hurt, but I know I still hope to be with him again. I am dating again and I know he probably does the same… but I feel that our break-up is not forever… I am afraid the more time passes, the bigger the distance between us will be and the more difficult it will become to get back together 😦

    But I am really happy for you that you are back with Objection! How do you deal with the partners that you (and him) had during your break? It would deff hurt me to know that there had been another person that replaced me during our break… did you both talked about it and can you easily look past that? Or didn´t you tell him that you had sex with someone else?

    The waiting status I´m in drives me crazy… I am still waiting for him to call or write or suggest us to meet again… but I don´t know how we can get back together when there´s such a huge difference between us.

    When reading your posts I can relate to the similar situation. Therefore I would really appreciate an advice from you.

    Best wishes for you & Objection. =)


  3. Hey Elsy 🙂

    Im actually a very-new-to-this SD. Ive googled alot and found your blog, and id like to say you offer so much perspective from the SB side of things, and i appreciate your writings. I especially enjoyed reading about the married SD.

    I myself am married. I was 110% upfront and open about this with my SB. But my circumstances are unique. My W doesnt know. And my reason for getting into this is because my W has a mental illness, and unfortunately it makes it extremely difficult for me to relax and let my guard down at home, be romantic or spontaneous. I have a big heart, and im the type that loves to spoil a woman if I can. After yrs of living with this, its become taxing, though no fault of my W, and in order to continue supporting W I needed to find some sort of a mental outlet. And thus I got into being an SD. I must say just being able to spend a few hours on a weeknight with a pretty girl to just talk to is in itself extremely releasing. And on top of that from our first meeting she said she felt a strong connection with me, so the chemistry is there and its quite a pleasant arrangement. It may seem one sided but shes told me on numerous occasions she was surprised how much interest I take in her personal life and she was happy that I do, as its brought a decent connection and friendship into our arrangement.

    I don’t kid myself at all, I realize there isn’t a long term future per se, at least not in the sense of her and me being married or anything. But a good friendship, and good times are all that both of us are after. And I ensure she gets a very decent allowance because I very much appreciate her and the time she takes to hang out, goof around, talk, go shopping, ect. Its good to feel desired by a woman again, and being happier allows me to be better at home.

    Maybe not exactly the choice some would make. I never thought when I got married that id find myself in a situation like this. But no two circumstances are alike, and I just wanted to say to you, and the other SB’s that read this, you ladies sure do help more than many of you may realize.

    Just food for thought from an SD .


  4. Hi Elsy,
    I recently discovered your blog and I immediately loved it! Are you going to write again? Hope you and Objection are well!
    Best wishes,

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