Sugar Daddy Turnabout

This past week or so, a close friend of mine was recently talking about “Robert”, her “first ever car”.  She finally sold Robert for nice sum and put a down payment of a much newer, nicer, car.  I had always playfully teased my friend about her car. It wasn’t “old” per say (Post 2004, at least) but, she had kept onto it a lot longer than I had expected.

My friend was happy to have her new car, however, a part of her was so upset. Her first car took her from not only point A to point B, but on new road trips with friends, covered her through the rain and snow, was her “home” for one night after a terrible fight with her ex and more.  That car, her first car, she had so many special and precious memories with.

However horrible this may sound, it reminded me of being a sugar baby.  Some of us get attached. We find comfort in that first man that shows us a higher standard of living than we’re used to. He not only gets you from point A to point B, but he also takes you on expensive trips and gives expensive gifts.

Not all babies get attached, but I know many who have… And that’s OK.  It’s been a thought that has helped me get over Objection.


One thought on “Sugar Daddy Turnabout

  1. Hi Babe
    Reading your blog just makes me smile, I feel like I know you like we have been friends for ever…. 🙂

    My first ever SD (sight) he was not handsome at all, not rich, married, all his kids were older than Me
    But I loved him. It was genuine I loved him and I was obsessed with him… He loved me too he took care of me (ofcourse no expensive trips abroad) we spent so much time together even rented a house for the both of us his sons knew about me and eventually people knew we were together… Fast forward almost two years later things changed I loved him to much and he knew I wasn’t gonna leave him, he started taking me for granted I would ask thngs from him and he would say No just plain No. One evening he dropped me off at the house and left, I remember being extremely upset I took a walk to and I met a young guy not my type at all (shot and skinny) he asked for my number and for the first time in 2 years I’d given another man my number.. That’s how I left him… Its been 3 years with this guy we moved in together and we planning to start a life together BUT I’m addicted to Sugar Life

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