My [NOT] So Secret Life

It’s been so long since I sat down with you ladies and had an actual conversation. 


As many of you may (or may not?) know, I’ve never made money off my blog. I never felt it was appropriate to make money off of it, but I did aspire to make a book. Writing has been my passion my whole life, so perhaps in the future I will finally publish a book for the sugars out there. 

Right now, however, I’ve been more focused on my career and current sugar daddy. Due to how popular this blog has become (Seriously, google sugar baby blog! I’m so surprised this ever happened and thank you to ALL those who link others to me!) my sugar daddy has requested that I don’t post about him at all.  Maybe one day I will share! 😉

I’m living back in New York, and I’m doing well for all you who have been wondering. I’ll try and update you all, and possibly post when I can, but, for the most part, this blog is a chapter of my life that’s been closed for now. Again, maybe I’ll have a book one day! Until then stay safe. I love you all! ❤ 


2 thoughts on “My [NOT] So Secret Life

  1. I have followed your blog for long, however it is the first time I made a comment here.
    I just broke up with my SD that I had been with for 1 year, it is painful as I fell for him deep, however I know I have to move on and focus on my life again.

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