Hello ladies! 
I hope you’re all doing great! 2015 is here, and my new years resolution from a few years back to start a book is in high gear. I’m dedicating it to all you ladies who read this blog, show support and general love on my page. I love writing, despite not doing it on here much these days. (ONE post last year. Ah!)  My goal is that within the end of the year, I’ll have a “go to” guide on the sugar lifestyle available through amazon. Some of the topics on here and in the book will interlope, but I plan to add a lot of the questions I’ve been asked. (Don’t worry, I’ll never publish a name!)

Comment below and let me know of any one line topics you’d like me to include in my book. (Example: How to deal with a SD’s wife) etc! Even add in quotes you feel relate to the sugar bowl!

I miss and love all your beautiful souls!


5 thoughts on “Update!

  1. •Where to meet SD’s in real life. Online doesn’t seem to work for me.
    •Platonic sugar dating while both parties are in a relationship
    •How are SB’s expected to conduct themselves nonsexually as well as sexually
    •How to not be shy when seeking sugar and speaking with a potential SD
    •Does ethnicity play a role in sugar dating?
    •Is there such thing as asking for too much when establishing a fixed allowance
    •Sugar dating while you have a child

  2. ‘Sugar dating while you have a child’ is a great topic.I have dated several SBs that had young children. My first SB ever had a 1 year old son. I will blog about this one soon at sugardaddydiary.com/blog

  3. I just found your blog and I read the whole thing! You sound like a lovely person and I wish you a happy year 🙂

  4. I think that writing about platonic sugar relationships is important, because after all, sex is not a given. It is not prostitution and that is why this is important to emphasize, sex is not a given. I spent almost two years in the sugar bowl platonically and make a lot of many anyway.

    I would also love to read about how to talk money and ask for what you want/need, I think many girls without experience might find this hard, heck even I still do. I might fall into the trap of feeling guilty for the amounts I receive even though I really shouldnt!

    And last but not least, write about finding sugar in real life, outside of the online dating networks. I would love to give this a try, but gosh its not easy!

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