You can email me at contactelsy[at]gmail[dot]c0m for business inquiries and personal inquiries.

(Note: For business/professional inquiries, I please ask you use the subject BUSINESS (or) PROFESSIONAL INQUIRY)

Due to the increased volume of spam mail, my last provided email for inquiries is no longer in use. Please use the above email for questions, or more.  However, PLEASE ASK that you:

  • Please review this site before asking questions. 
  • Do not email me asking to look at your profile on a sugar baby website/your picture. Despite the fact I previously did this, the high volume of spam that was caused was incredible, beyond that, I also found a high volume of people sending me in their picture without enough time to fully review them all. I was unaware that this blog would take off as much as it did. As much as I would LOVE to help you all, it’s almost impossible. I’m sorry! 

7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Can you please make a blog or email me about First Time Meetings with Sugar Daddies…

    I’m very shy and nervous and even canceled…. Some examples what to expect and tips for the nervous, clumsy and easily blushed ladies!!!

  2. Hi I’m fairly new to this. I don’t live in an area that has many SDs (VA). I have been contacted by some SDs that are very far away (CA, NY, etc..), But I’m hesitant to travel all alone to meet a guy I don’t know. Do you have any advice on how to be safer. Or how to get SDs to come to you? So far I’ve havent made much money this way and I think its mainly b/c there isn’t much of a selection here. I have family in CA. thinking about moving out there, but I wanted to finish school first…

    Hope I’m making sense. Please help if you can!


  3. Hey. I love your blog! I got very happy when I read that you live in New York! (I live here too)
    I also have a sugar daddy and no one knows. I feel stuck and cry sometimes because I have no one to talk with. Your blog is my “friend” that I talk to. It looks like it because I see I am not alone, but would love to have a friend who understands me (any of my girl friends have one, I am sure about it, so they would never understand).
    I feel good having a sugar daddy but at the same time I feel unsafe. Would love to talk about it with! 🙂 you know my email..
    Good luck girl with the book! I have thought about writing one too.

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