Sugar Daddy Turnabout

This past week or so, a close friend of mine was recently talking about “Robert”, her “first ever car”.  She finally sold Robert for nice sum and put a down payment of a much newer, nicer, car.  I had always playfully teased my friend about her car. It wasn’t “old” per say (Post 2004, at least) but, she had kept onto it a lot longer than I had expected.

My friend was happy to have her new car, however, a part of her was so upset. Her first car took her from not only point A to point B, but on new road trips with friends, covered her through the rain and snow, was her “home” for one night after a terrible fight with her ex and more.  That car, her first car, she had so many special and precious memories with.

However horrible this may sound, it reminded me of being a sugar baby.  Some of us get attached. We find comfort in that first man that shows us a higher standard of living than we’re used to. He not only gets you from point A to point B, but he also takes you on expensive trips and gives expensive gifts.

Not all babies get attached, but I know many who have… And that’s OK.  It’s been a thought that has helped me get over Objection.


Sugar IS Addicting.

A fun fact about sugar is that it’s definitely addictive.  If you’re like me, you have a slight sweet tooth that twinges when Godiva is in sight. I’ve always believed this is true for sugar babies and daddies. Once you get a taste of the life, you crave more.

My life has changed drastically since Feb, and I know many of you are wondering if we both restarted our relationship.

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Back to Square One

“Elsy, I miss you. Where have you been? It’s been since September that you posted, and it’s now February. That’s 5 months. Are you OK?” 

Time flies, doesn’t it? I think a lot of us take advantage of time and how fast it passes us by, but I’m so surprised to see it really has been 5 months since I last posted… I’ve been reluctant, as last time I posted about my personal problems after a short hiatus I was accused of just trying to gain more views on my blog in fear of losing a cult following. (Uhhh?)

But, you know, I missed you girls. And I shouldn’t fear what others say. When I set out writing this blog I did so for a place to help other sugar babies, but I think this blog became something more for me. It became a judge free, anonymous zone where I could vent with like minded women. You all have helped me, just as much as I’ve tried to help all of you. Really.

So, my drama will be public, because I frankly don’t care anymore. You girls have become a type of family to me. So, here is the drama….

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I’m alive.

Hello my lovely sweethearts.

These past few months my availability to post has been very small. A couple of things in my life have happened. Good and bad.  Someone has actually recognized me from my blog which has scared me into not posting, but I quickly realized that I should not let that hinder me. Other things have occurred which is stalling my posting, but I’ve received a lot of “I hope you’re alive” mail”

I’m alive. But I’ll still be MIA for awhile.

How Much Is Too Much Communication With Your Sugar Daddy?

“Elsy, my Sugar Daddy recently broke things off because he found me too clingy and I don’t understand exactly why.  I would call him a few times a day, one in the afternoon and text him throughout the day, but things are broken off now!  Wtf!”

I get a lot of these questions weekly.  They’re always along the lines of “I don’t want to seem too clingy” to “My sugar daddy broke up with me because I’m too clingy!” Some girls will spend their time in front of the phone waiting for the moment her Sugar Daddy will give her the time of day. Some girls wait weeks.

So how much communication with your sugar daddy is too much?  Lets take two relationships.   First, we’ll start with a none sugar relationship with your average Joe and Jane.  Joe and Jane met through a friend. Joe is a policeman and Jane is a teacher. Joe asked Jane out to dinner at a local TGI Fridays.  Since that first date, they’ve been virtually attached at the hip.  On Joes breaks, he texts Jane, and on Janes breaks, she calls him to check how he’s doing and see how his day is.  Their dates include going to the movies, going out to dinner, and ice skating… Eventually, after a few months. they fall in love and move in together.  The rest is history!

With a sugar relationships, the dynamic is a lot different. Lets take your average sugar relationship with our friends Paul and Penny.  Paul and Penny met through an online dating site. Paul is the CEO of a large company that is based in NYC and London and Penny is a student working part time at a local retail store. Paul asked Penny out to dinner at the local Annisa, Since their first date, Paul has spoiled Penny with gifts and travel.   Once a month, Paul will have a free moment to see Penny after traveling for work for the month and spending time with his wife and kids at home.  Paul will text Penny when he has a free moment after a long day of conference meetings and planning propositions to prospective business’.  Paul appreciates an occasional text from Penny, but also appreciates that she understand he has a business, a family, as well as other responsibilities.

Whilst some Sugar Daddies can be more available, some cannot. Most of the time, sugar daddies cannot and will not waste their time with a girl friend. That is not what they’re necessarily looking for. This brings up back to the question…

How much is too much? When I was in relationships with Sugar Daddies, I always made it a rule that if he was texting me, I would text back almost always (not always right away, though.)  However, if I hadn’t of heard from him in 24 hours, I would wait another 24 hours to text him in case he was busy.  Usually these texts were along the lines of “Hey Sexy 😉  How is everything going?”  If I hadn’t heard from them for another 48 = 72 hours, I would send another text along the lines of “I haven’t heard from you in awhile, hope all is well. :)”  I usually got the message if I hadn’t heard much after.

Some men do like to feel like they hold all the cards, however, they usually don’t like to feel like the oxygen to somebodies world.  Always remember that there are many men out there…. Some are they generous man who helps young woman out, some are the family man, and some are the rich and famous. There are many men that are one element. However, a sugar daddy is like water in different forms.  He has to be liquid, solid and gas… Sometimes room for you isn’t available for you at that times, but the best thing to do is understand and keep smiling. Not call and text obsessively.

When you become obsessive, it tells the sugar daddy that you don’t really respect him.  His time is important, and cannot always be wasted on us. By demanding that he text us back, or become irrational because he is not making time for us, we become the enemy. It’s a quick and sure  way to get dumped.

Be self confident and value yourself and a sugar daddy will value you too. Those who don’t aren’t worth it. However, use common sense when dating sugar daddies and when communicating with them ladies.  You don’t want to look like an idiot beating a dead horse.



Proving Myself Isn’t Necessary

A few months a go, you may have noticed a couple of posts stating the SB community on Facebook was laughable.  If you have a “Sugar Baby Facebook” you may have noticed some recent posts where a SB stated that OTHER SB’s should get on Skype and hold up X amount of dollars and show their face to prove they’re a girl. OR… meet another sugar baby in person.

Sorry, but this sounded kind of silly to me, as someone to values privacy… After me, and a couple of others spoke up about the ridiculousness of such, another SB spoke up to claim that I was a fake. Why? Because I “sell things” (yet I’ve made NO profit from this site) that I made the Obj. thing up to “keep readers” (because depression is totally a selling point, and that’s why I took  months at a time for MYSELF) and because I don’t flaunt pictures around of gifts and items I’ve received and haven’t met any of the girls they knew.

I laughed.

I don’t have to prove myself, but here is the thing.  I just give advice, and I vocalize my thoughts on the sugar bowl. I add details of my own life, but I am very uptight about my privacy. If you feel the advice I give is ordinary and bland, then don’t read it. I don’t feel like I need to post pictures of my gifts because A.  If someone I knew who DOESN’T know of my lifestyle sees this, they MAY catch on and B. I’m not trying to enter a popularity contest.     Not only that, but Objection knows that I blog about my life, all he ever asks is that I make sure his identity isn’t compromised. I didn’t want to meet the other sugar babies on there, not because I don’t think they’re not nice, or that I think they’re not worth my time. I just have my own friends, and I have my own life.  It doesn’t include proving myself to anybody.

So ladies, that is that. 🙂  I said what I needed to say.