Back to Square One

“Elsy, I miss you. Where have you been? It’s been since September that you posted, and it’s now February. That’s 5 months. Are you OK?” 

Time flies, doesn’t it? I think a lot of us take advantage of time and how fast it passes us by, but I’m so surprised to see it really has been 5 months since I last posted… I’ve been reluctant, as last time I posted about my personal problems after a short hiatus I was accused of just trying to gain more views on my blog in fear of losing a cult following. (Uhhh?)

But, you know, I missed you girls. And I shouldn’t fear what others say. When I set out writing this blog I did so for a place to help other sugar babies, but I think this blog became something more for me. It became a judge free, anonymous zone where I could vent with like minded women. You all have helped me, just as much as I’ve tried to help all of you. Really.

So, my drama will be public, because I frankly don’t care anymore. You girls have become a type of family to me. So, here is the drama….

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Au Revoir, JK.

I called JK not long a go and asked if he could come see me anytime soon. No, he couldn’t. Not for awhile.  I asked if he could chat now, and he said yes.  So here we started the ‘break up’ process.

“JK, I don’t know what you get from this relationship. You barely see me, and when you do, all we really do is go out for dinner and have a nice meal.  You see me a couple of times a month, and that’s it.  I don’t think I am what you’re looking for in a SB, and I

think we should end this arrangement. I like you, I just don’t like how things are going.”

I didn’t want to try and sound harsh, and the whole time I felt terribly guilty for doing this over the phone.

JK took is pretty well.  He asked some questions.  What had changed?  Was there a specific reason?  Etc.. But he felt it coming because he knows he’s always busy, and he could ‘feel that we both weren’t satisfied with the arrangement.’

So we said our goodbyes and now we’re going our separate ways. Goodbye JK.