Part-Time, Haircuts, Obj + the REALLY big news!

First of all, don’t be offended when I don’t reply to your emails and messages right away.  After I’ve not checked my email within a few days, I usually have anywhere from 10-50 asking for advice. I like to take time with each and every answer.

This week has been insane. My weekend started with me being ill, again, with a terrible and horrible cold.  Yes, I’m realizing my immune system is horrible. I wanted to see Objection this past weekend to fly out to where he was to meet him, but after talking about it, we had both decided it was in my best interest to stay at home.

Saturday afternoon I just get in from hanging out with some girlfriends and and I hear a knock.  It’s only Objection isn’t it? :)!  He had come home early unexpectedly (on both ends) and had wanted to surprise me. Apparently he had come by earlier, but since I’d been out, he had to wait. But it was great, and we got to spend the whole weekend together.

We went shopping for awhile on Sunday afternoon for some more winter clothes, since the weather isn’t getting any warmer and I wanted something adorable for my first thanksgiving… which is going to be interesting.  I have never celebrated Thanksgiving before.  It’s an American holiday, and my father never “enforced” it at home. Even first moving here, I didn’t really understand the holiday 100% until a friend of mine told me the lovely stories of food and family, which reminds me of Christmas at home in France… My fathers family have extended their Thanksgiving invitation too me, which I’m really grateful for, because my fathers side of the family have never really kept in touch with us, expect for very recently when they heard I was in New York.  Since then, they’ve been more curious, added and talked to me on my personal facebook as well as even occasionally texting me.

I’ve also had to ask to only work Part Time at my job. I’m lucky enough that Obj and my boss are close enough where I can ask that and get away with it. Plus my boss is a really nice guy and extremely understanding. I’ve unfortunately been failing in University due to working so much and not having the time for any studies at all. This seemed like the best course of action, and my grades are finally making their way back up! 🙂

This Tuesday, I also went ahead and made a hair appointment at a salon.  A trim, dye, and got it straightened.  And, if I do say so myself, it looks pretty good.

But, here is for the super big news….

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Tickets to France are BOOKED!

Every Christmas I go to France to see my family. We visit my grandmother andgrandfather who lives in the French countryside in a huge, but rustic cottage.  My aunts and uncles visit with their children, and their children bring their children. It’s honestly a wonderful gathering on Christmas Eve where we talk about life, make fun of my father for his bad French, cook all day long, play with the children and tell them about Pere Noel and give and receive meaningful presents.


All of the above.  

So I’m now booking my tickets for December, and I’ve invited Objection to come. Objection has already met my parents (got to love Skype, they’ve actually talked to him a lot lately) They’re already very aware of him, who he is, how we met, and that we’re now a couple and getting quite serious. My family is happy for me and happy that I’m bringing Objection.  As my mother said “merveilleux!”

I think Obj. is pretty excited too, because he usually spends Christmas’ alone. Obj. family isn’t the greatest, and he’d rather avoid them at all costs, so instead of Mr. O spending Christmas alone, the poor guy gets to spend it in a huge French family where we’ll make fun of his bad French like we do with my dad (and trust me, he tries, but he isn’t great) and we’ll make sure he overeats. (Plus, when my grandmother found out, she was convinced one goose wouldn’t suffice for my father and Obj because ‘Americans have large appetites!’ and that she needed two just for them)

I’m extremely excited and happy!

Washington DC Trip!

Since living in America, there are a few places I’ve never been.  In fact, there are a lot of places I’ve never been here.  I rarely leave New York because I’m either too busy or I just don’t know where to go and what to do.

Recently however, I’ve been telling Objection about how much I’d like love to go to Washington DC. My grandfather on my fathers side  had been born in DC… My grandfather passed before I was born, but I always wanted to visit the area, see where my roots were.

So, Objection called and told me to pack an overnight bag on Friday afternoon. We had discussed about me staying there for the weekend, so I thought maybe Objection had just decided that I should stay there this weekend.  I call my friend, double checked she would check on Snapple and Snickers (dog and cat) and head out for the taxi Objection had sent for me.

The taxi driver was taking me the opposite direction of where Objection lives and I’m completely confused. I’m starting to wonder if the taxi driver even knows where to go, when we stop at a car rental place with Mr. O waiting.

I’m totally confused because I have no clue what’s going on, and Objection tells me we’re road tripping to Washington DC!

Guys, I’ve never been on a road trip in the USA, and this was so exciting for me. We drove a good 5 hours and 30 mins to Washington DC, and got to make rest stops at fast food restaurants, and go to GAS STATIONS and buy stuff (like in the movies where they have road trips!) We listened to music, chatted, but Mr. O wouldn’t tell me what he had planned when we’d get to D.C.!

Arrived in D.C. around 8 pm or so, and got to our hotel at the Four Seasons, which is such a gorgeous hotel and grabbed some greasy Chinese food to hang out at the hotel with.  We took a shower together, had amazing sex, and watched TV. We walked around a bit at night, but I was honestly far too tired to do anything beyond that.  Went to bed and woke up early!

I LOVE WASHINGTON D.C.  The holocaust museum was my favorite above all, my grandfathers father was Jewish. I cried so much there, for the people who died, for the prejudice so many people faced during that time.  Objection was getting extremely solemn as well.  We probably shouldn’t have started off the day with the Holocaust museum because afterwards we barely spoke for half and hour just trying to even comprehend the magnitude of what had happened.

Okay, moving along before I depress all of you…

We saw the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial, but honestly we didn’t have much time for anything else.  We walked around quite a bit, did some shopping and ate good food, but also saw the area where my grandfather lived. It was incredible! 🙂

Only a day, but it was a really nice one.  We got back an hour a go (and it’s 1pm now).  We could have stayed later, but we didn’t want to feel rushed to come back, and even so, I’m glad I did get to see what I did. It was a nice overnight trip, and I think It’s something I really needed.  So now I’m at Objections, relaxing on his couch while he makes a chicken salad for us.

This week deserves an A.