Financial Dependency on Sugar Daddies

“Elsy, can you help me?  I’ve been financially dependent on my sugar daddy for awhile now and he’s starting to be extremely controlling. I feel like I’m begging for each cent I get and I’m so tired of it. I know you’re busy and have other things to post but pls help me.” 


For some woman, being financially dependent is inevitable.  SB’s end up with debt, or maybe they lose their jobs and have nothing else to support themselves.  It’s a horrible situation to be in, and trust me, I’ve been there too. You feel dependent and alone, scared and trapped.  Maybe your Sugar Daddy isn’t the best of guys, and you’ve been wanting to get out of the situation for a long time. What are you going to do now?

Again, I’ve been in the same situation.  Living in Manhattan with school books, bills, an apartment that I could barely afford and I had just lost my job, I felt like I was drowning. At that time, Objection was my only Sugar Daddy and my allowance was a lot lower…  I was extremely dependent on him for survival. I was too scared to turn to my parents for help in fear they would send me back home to Paris, and my search for a job was yielding nothing.

What was I to do?  How did I even start the process of being financially independent? 

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Sugar Baby Profile, Messaging and Dating Etiquette.

Hello gorgeous ladies.  Up very early this Monday thanks to Objection having to go home to get ready for work. Starting to feel a bit better, but still no work.  I’ll probably be better by tomorrow.

You’re revamping your SA profile, and you’re wanting to attract attractive, funny and wealthy men.  Sure, a few have messaged you, but after you’ve replied, they seem to drop off the radar.  Maybe you’ve even gone on a couple of dates, but after the date, they’re no longer interested.  You’re starting to wonder what you’re doing wrong after the third time of being turned down. Here are five simple ways (each) to boost your chances of landing a SD with some Sugar Baby etiquette tips!:

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Classy or Trashy? Looking Good for your First Date

Special thanks to SB Ashley  for suggesting this post. 

You’ve seen a fabulous dress that’s in your size, in a gorgeous color, and on sale. In fact, you’ve seen this in a magazine before, and you remember how great it looked on the  5’7 woman with long brown hair.  You decide to try it on and look at yourself in the mirror.  

It doesn’t look so great on you. 

Although the purple looked good on her, you start to feel that purple on a short bleach blond haired and pale skinned girl looks pretty dull.  

Instead, you go for the LBD (little black dress) that you saw her wearing.  You try it on, and it fits and looks great on you!  However, you remembered in the picture of the brown haired girl, she wore no accessories. Her hourglass curves made up for all of it.  Your pencil shaped body needs more though. You need to accessorize. 

It’s often times hard to say what will work for clothing, and what will not.  How an outfit looks can depend on anything from hair color to the size of your breasts.  But here I will try and guide you on some decent looks to shop for when meeting up with your pot, and more importantly affordable prices for the first time SB. As Ashley mentioned, a lot of girls end up looking extremely trashy instead of classy. Maybe they get nervous, or they’re not fashion inclined, but hopefully these tips will help future and current SB’s!

Do you know what to wear when you meet your SD?  I’ve compiled some “Choose this over that” dresses, shoes, accessories, hairstyles and make up for you.  After each dress I will list a cheaper alternative less than $50

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Making A Great Profile & Avoiding Perverts

Yesterday I received a message from a young woman asking for help.  B confided that she had tried sugardaddy4me and craigslist, and yet all these men just wanted sex, or thought being a sugar baby was essentially just a high class hooker / escort.

“How do I attract real sugar daddies?”  She asked.  Like many sugar babies, she wanted more than sex. She wanted someone to pamper and take care of her.

Like before, this is a problem a handful of SB’s will face in their dating time. They’re looking for a good Sugar Daddy who will treat them right, and none are coming through. They think you’re a prostitute and they can just pay you and be on their merry way.


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Sugar Baby Allowances

This blog post is also posted here.

I’ve recently received a message asking for help. A woman asked me what she needed to do now, as she had spent money that she didn’t really have, and put in time and effort with nothing to show for it. This is a common problem that quite a few sugar babes don’t know how to handle.

First of all, did he pay you on the first date? If not. Let him go immediately. If they don’t want to thank you for your time, they probably never will. Sugar daddies should always give you gifts or pay you on the first date. It’s only polite to do so.  Usually the amount will be anywhere from 200-800.  Less than 200 if he’s cheap, more than 800 if he’s generous.

If he has paid you, but hasn’t discussed the allowance yet, then bring it up.  Ask him if this is an arrangement he wants to pursue. If so, the SD will usually give you two options. Monthly or per visit arrangement. He may even decide one for you. Voice your opinion though. If nothing has been arranged, it needs to be.  You can be classy when bringing this up.  “X, we’ve been seeing each other for awhile now, and I was wondering if we would work out an arrangement. I would like a monthly allowance/per visit amount. The amount is negotiable / I would like FIXEDPRICEHERE.  If you have a problem with this amount, we could maybe arrange something else.”

Don’t be afraid to use your  voice. A man likes a strong woman. Not a dog.

If he has arranged payment, but isn’t giving it too you, you could ask what day of each month he will be paying you. For example, my ‘main’ SD, Objection, pays me the first time he sees me each month. For this month, it’s later tonight. If he is out of time, he either sends it via bank transfer or pays me in advance.  We worked this out early on in the relationship… If you have a date arranged and he doesn’t pay up. Again… Drop him! He isn’t worth it.

If money is a huge issue, then get more than one sugar daddy.  I have three, verging on four, and I’m still online meeting men.  Living in New York is expensive, and on top of that is school, and everything else.

Don’t spend money you don’t have, and when you do get your monetary gift when meeting a SD, if you must, put that toward your appearance. (If you can.) If you’re really hurting for cash, say so in your profile. Try not to sound desperate. “I’m a young professional barely making it in this recession.”  These men want to spoil you, they don’t want you pre-spoilt!   Recycle dresses, recycle shoes. Mix and match.

Remember that above all, you want to be a respectable young woman. Use good English, be appropriate, and treat yourself with respect.  If you respect yourself, these men will too.  Don’t act like an escort, don’t act like a prostitute, because these men are looking for proper ladies.


How To Get A Sugar Daddy 101

While I’m no expert, I’ve been a sugar baby for a couple of years. I’ve my first one since day one, and I have two other ones. I’ve raised by allowance by $6,000 plus getting a larger apartment (with Objection) and I’ve made mistakes with other ex sugar daddies. I know what to look out for, and jump in to.  So here is a short guide to sugar daddies.

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