BBW Sugar Babies Trying To Find Their Sugar Daddies

To the BBW Sugar Babies Trying to Find Their SD’s:

I’m getting a lot of BBW women googling about BBW and finding me, and the post about “Sugar daddies and BBW” and “BBW sugar daddy date outfits

Just a reminder ladies.  You’re all gorgeous. No matter your size, and there ARE men out there who like BBW.  I’ll be posting in the future about health and weight if you’re looking to slim down, too. 🙂 Keep searching girls!


The Married Sugar Daddies. DO or DON’T?

Before you read, remember Q&A Wednesday is coming up!  So far I have but two questions.  If I don’t get at least 10, I’ll be holding off Q&A until next week – so ask away!

A lot of women find that when you come into the Sugar bowl, a married man comes along with the territory.  Married sugar daddies are not uncommon, and sometimes preferred in the SB community. I’m willing to bet that 50% of all sugar daddies are married or attached in some way to a significant other….  Many women though don’t know how to feel when it comes to married sugar daddies. Should they or shouldn’t they?  I’m not going to try and sway you one way or the other, as I’m sure most of you know my feelings about being with married sugar daddies (or at least, if you’ve been reading for awhile) you’re also free to give your opinion in the poll below! but here are some things to consider when dealing with a married sugar daddy.


  • Your married sugar daddy will always have to “fit you in” to his schedule meaning no spontaneity. Schedules can easily change also.  Your plans for 5pm Wednesday can change to next week on Wednesday morning, or maybe even a couple of hours before your arranged meeting. Why? Because married sugar daddies have priorities, and you’re behind his family on that list whether you like it or mot. Maybe if you’re a person who likes planning and not being surprised, then this may be good for you. For others with hectic schedules and lives, not so much.
  • Your married sugar daddy will possibly not see you much at all. This is great for some, but for others who want to go on trips and take nice vacations, you’d be lucky!
  • your married sugar daddy will not want to hear about your life. Look ladies, sometimes you will find the married sugar daddy who does want to hear about your day, and what you’ve been up too. But they get this from their wives at home regardless. They’re not looking for a second wife. They’re looking for a young lady to enjoy. Maybe if you’re not wanting anything too special, this would be good for you, but I personally feel that it’s harder to converse with someone when you’re trying to watch what slips and what doesn’t.
  • Your married sugar daddy will have to be very careful at all times. He doesn’t want to get caught with you, and even if his wife is aware of his SD status, she more than likely doesn’t want to know about it. Being secretive and low key is essential.  Being sneaky, especially if you live close to your SD, and being careful is paramount.  This may mean that your sugar daddy will have to cancel on you, have to leave last minute, will not respond to texts or calls right away (or even allow you to text or call. Being careful not to leave any trace of you is vital.  If you like being sneaky and playing games, then great. If you don’t like having to look over your shoulder, not so great.
  • Your married sugar daddy will sometimes take calls, show pictures or speak about his wife, children and home life from time to time. If you don’t like being the center of attention, it’s not for you.
  • Your married sugar daddy will never leave his wife for you. I’ve seen a friend in a position where she fell in love her with married SD.  It was a horrible situation and it ended badly. Usually there is little room for growth of a relationship with a married sugar daddy, but, if it comes too it, you must be willing to say goodbye too him.
  • Your married sugar daddy will always put you last.  Like I said with the first point. You’re not number one too him. Family means more. I’ve read a handful of SB blogs where the married man would drop the woman because somethings came up at home. Either his wife found out, or something family related came up and they decided they couldn’t afford you anymore.
  • A married sugar daddy may have higher standards for a sugar baby.  If he’s risking his marriage for you, then you have to be something special. You have to keep it fresh, keep it burning and keep it exciting. A married SD will not just pick up anybody he finds.  The extra pressure of being so “special” can be hard for some girls.


Some Sugar Babies make their own personal choice to either be with married men without the sex, or not be with married men at all. Others prefer being with married men.  It’s a personal choice, but something to think hard about. His wife will always be there and there is nothing you can do to make it go away. If the pressure and guilt it too much, then let it go and find someone else.

Anyway, these are just a few of my opinions about married sugar daddies.  If you’d like to share your own opinion, please feel free to comment below!


Falling In Love With Your Sugar Daddy (And Routes to Take)

I recently received a message from a sugar baby asking for help.  She’d fallen in love with her sugar daddy and confided that she knew it couldn’t work out.  That her sugar daddy had dropped women before because feeling got in the way.  I told her I would help her as much as possible.

Falling in love with your Sugar Daddy is an issue a lot of Sugar Babies face. Lets face it, this man is wining and dining you,  but they’re usually unobtainable for anything more. Some of these men have such hectic schedules and lives that they’re unable to commit, or they have a wife at home that they’re not willing to let go of, and you want more. You start craving them, thinking of them constantly, dreaming of them, checking your phone all the time to see if they’ve replied to your text and hanging onto their every word when they’re talking.

Again, you’re not alone.

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Tip of the Day!

Evaluate your options when dealing with allowances!   A couple of SB’s I know are dedicated to keeping monthly allowances. However their SD’s are set on a per meeting arrangement.  Girls, evaluate and look at your options. For example, if he is meeting you 4 times a month and giving you an allowance of 500-700, then I’d take that over the monthly allowance.  There is the chance you could be seeing him more than 4 times a month, and the possibility that the per visit allowance could be raised over time!  Add on an extra 50 each time, that’s an extra 200…  75? 300, and so fourth. Be open minded and smart!

However, be careful with these arrangements at the same time. If a SD is saying he will pay you 600 per meeting for four times a month, but decides to only see you two times instead, you need to either get a monthly arrangement set up or find a new SD!

Q&A Wednesday


  1. Do you think a SB has to be European to get the FULL SB experience in NYC?
    Not at all, but, I do think it sparks interest and curiosity if you are a foreigner. My friend is from France also, but had a really hard time finding a Sugar Daddy. It was more about her personality when it came down too it, as she was very rude. I know plenty of American girls who are living a lot better than I am in NYC, though.
  2. would you like to meet other NYC Sugar babies swap tips??
    I’m unsure of what you’re asking 100%, but I think that’s maybe just my bad English. If you’re suggesting meeting up and hanging out, I will have to decline for the sole purpose of staying anonymous. If this wasn’t an anon blog, I would love too. I would love to meet other NYC SB’s via facebook, twitter, or even skype, though!
  3. Why do you call your SD Objection?
    I call my main sugar daddy Objection because he’s a lawyer, and when he doesn’t like something or doesn’t agree with something, and is with me, he will say ‘Objection.’ It’s a cute thing he does. 🙂 
  4. Where do you work?
    Due to anon reasons, I can’t reveal my workplace.  All you need to know is I work at a higher end coffee shop in NYC.
  5. Do you speak French fluently and have you thought about making your blog in English and French? Do you have an accent?
    Yes, I am French. My father was American, but my mother was French. I was born and raised in France and moved to America a few years a go, so I speak French and English fluently. I’m also fluent in German, but I do make mistakes in English and German from time to time. Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand “chat speak”. I still have my French accent, and I still use French a lot when speaking with my friends, as they want to learn, and some of them know French also. I have considered writing this blog in French, also, but I feel that it would be too time – consuming, and I am really targeting an American audience. I have considered writing a book, though, and maybe publishing it in English and French.
  6. Have you considered writing a book?
    Funny that someone should ask this, because I have considered it a lot lately. I think a lot of women need help in getting a sugar daddy and knowing what to do. There is limited information out there, which is why I created this blog; as well as to recount my own experiences.  I don’t know whether people would buy my book though….  Would you?  Take my poll!
  7. What is your favorite store to shop at? I always expect Sugar Babies to shop at really expensive clothing stores.
    I get a lot of clothes and apartment stuff from Anthropologie.  I love going through their website and picking out outfits I want. For example, a few months a go I stumbled across a site that had an Anthropologie lookbook, and bought this whole outfit.  Anthropologie is very vintage in my opinion, which mingles with my style. I like high fashion vintage. Urban Outfitters is nice, and Chanel also has some great clothes. I’m very much in love with Bloomingdales. Right now they have a great “Ready to Wear” selection here. My favorite is the “Printed Silk Dress” which I’m debating in buying.  I do like expensive things, but I’m also always checking out more affordable stores in case I find a good deal.
  8. What is your name?
    My family nicknamed me Elsy when I was young, so that’s the name I go by here.
  9. Can we be FB && Twitter friendssssss :))!
    Sure, you can be my facebook friend here, and like my page here. You can follow me on Twitter here.
  10. Why do u have a wordpress and tumblr?
    I have both because some people dislike using tumblr, or they are not common with tumblr, and the same goes for wordpress. I’m targeting a large audience, so I’m using both for usability.
  11. I read your blog religiously, and I really love it. You seem really nice. ❤
    Thank you very much.  Contrary to popular belief, not all sugar babies are cruel and rude. I try and be kind and understanding with everybody. It’s really nice when I hear positive feedback from other SB’s about what I’m trying to do here. 🙂
  12. Do you think you’re a prostitute?
    Short answer is “no”. I’ll be posting about this topic in the next few days. If you’ve ever seen the Dr. Phil episode on it, it’s a hot debate with many people.
  13. I have a question, can I contact you? / I have a question, and it’s personal. Will you not post it on the blog? / Will you keep me anonymous? 
    Yes, you can. You can “ask” me your email, and I will get a hold of you, you can give me your skype, and I can skype you, you can email me at thedailylifeofasb[at]gmail[dot]com yourself, you can facebook inbox me or even tweet me.
    I do blog about questions other sugar babes have asked, and unless otherwise asked, I will always keep their identity 100% confidential. If you want to talk about something personal that you don’t want me to post about, I’m 100% OK with that also. The conversation will never leave us.
  14. Why do you keep anon?
    To protect myself and my sugar daddy’s. It’s not fair for them if I wanted to be known, and then out my sugar daddies personal lives in the process. As much as I would love to befriend most of you, I’m sure you understand the importance of being anon in that situation.
  15. I’ve never been a sugar baby before but I’m finally going to do this. I met someone online who seems to be pretty nice. He isn’t that old at all and may just even be into the same things as me. But you still can never trust that. We’ve been exchanging texts for a few days now. What are some tips, ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT tips I should know before meeting with this person?
    When meeting potential SD’s I always make sure I use my “LAND” process. The most important three things for me are:Location:  Pick a public area. Meet him there if possible. You want to pick a public area where you can avoid any bad situations. Not being careful could land a chance of getting raped, or even worse. (If you have been sexual assaulted, please call a helpline to try and start to heal.)
    : Never reveal your address to anybody. If they ask where you live, you could say “I live in the Manhattan area” or “I live in the Chelsea area.”  If they ask for a exact location, that for me, is a red flag.
    Girls, don’t give your full names. You could be inviting a stalker. For example, if a SD asks me what’s your name, I don’t say “Elsy X”, I say “Elsy”.  If they asked for my full name, another red flag would go up.  You do however, want to search and google their names.  Basically you don’t want to give too many details, but you want a lot of details on him.
    Don’t have sex on the first date, don’t ask about the arrangement unless he brings it up (and if you must, wait until you get home and email him.) Don’t be greedy, or throw yourself at him. Respect yourself, and him.
  16. Although you don’t reveal your location, do you ever fear that you will be discovered? You often tell us about places you’ve been, and you’ve told us you work in a higher end coffeeshop. Someone could try and find you.
    Although there is that small risk of being discovered, I have a lot of faith that my readers respect my privacy. Not just that, but I often reveal where I have been after I have gone. Although I do mention my coffee shop being higher end, I’ve never specified in what manner. For all you know, I could mean extremely expensive but very unknown, or very known and very expensive. Fact is, in NYC, there are thousands of people roaming the street everyday, and a lot of coffee shops that could be considered “high end.”
  17. Can I sell you a product or get in touch with you for business?
    Anything related to advertising, or anything business related should be sent to my email address. Thedailylifeofasb[at]gmail[dot]com  I will not advertise something I don’t support, and I won’t work with something I don’t believe in.
  18. I’m in love with my sugar daddy!  I don’t know what to do. PLEASE help me. I’m so upset.
    I will be posting about this later in my blog. Please “ask” me your email for immediate help, though. 
  19. What shampoo do you use?
    I make my own shampoos, conditioners, cleaning supplies, and lotions. It was a family trade secret passed down for generations. I have never bought my own. I always make them.
  20. What type of girls are you attracted towards?
    I don’t have a preference when it comes to ladies. I like big boobs, and long hair.  😉
  21. What are essential things a SB should have? Besides the LBD, CL, Chanel…
    It’s different for every SB honestly.  While something may be important to me, it may not be important to you.  Some SB’s are just happy to have the money to cover their bills and don’t care about Gucci and Prada.
  22. Do your friends know that you’re a sugarbaby? If so, how many?
    All my friends and family knows, except a couple. I’m really lucky to have a great family support system, who, may not love my choices, but they love me.
  23. What should I look for in a SD profile?
    I’m speaking of Seeking Arrangement directly, but, if you’re browsing profiles you want to look for

    1. Diamond Club Members / Certified Members: They pay a significant amount of money to be one.
    2. Decent pictures are a huge plus.  If I’m seeing a guy wearing Old Navy, I’m a bit skeptical.  Also look fora good handful of pictures. Just one would also make me a bit skeptical.
    3. A really detailed “Arrangement I am seeking”  For example:
      “I am looking for a fun girl for a long or short term arrangement with a monthly/weekly allowance for her. The amount depends on the person and her availability. I had my last sugarbaby for almost 6 years. She would have been still here with me but her mom suffered a stroke and could not feed herself or bathe so she moved back to upstate NY to care for her mom. Tell me what your looking for or need and leave me a message. IF YOU CAN OR ARE INTERESTED IN MOVING/RELOCATING TO HOUSTON TO LIVE FOR AN ALLOWANCE AND POSSIBLE APT LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU CONTACT ME”   He is upfront and honest about what he wants
    4. Look at the “About me” also.  This is also important (but, in my opinion, not as important as the “arrangement I am seeking.”) I think the About Me is LESS important because some people have a really difficult time telling people about themselves. They should however, know what kind of arrangement they are looking for.    A good about me would be the following:
      “When a lady chooses to enter my life, she has a mentor, friend, and supporter for life, whether we remain lovers or not. While I enjoy dating and am polyamorous and a philogynist (look up, its fun), I both admire and respect any lady I date.
      As said, I’m open to a relationship or even marriage, however I will never settle for less than the right not-so-perfect partner! (emphasis on partner) So, until then I enjoy meeting, befriending, having unbridled fun, and/or dating attractive WHITE, and FIT ladies under 36 (or look it), who lack drama, enjoy fine dining, wine, concerts, art, music, travel, fun, and adventure.
      I’m not arrogant, possessive, jealous, or emotionally needy like many other affluent men, so I have been told. I am VERY secure and comfortable in my own skin and who I am and I am extremely open-minded! Close-minded women need not apply.”
      He has A LOT more, but, he is very open and honest, and I appreciate that about him and the message he is conveying. I don’t get a feel of a “con” here.
    5. Always look out for bad English and bad grammar (unless they’re foreign) and the term “play.” Again, an example would be this man, who had the title “Waht to play”:
      “Older man (57)  seeking a younger daytime playmateArrangement I am Seeking

      I’m Seeking:
      Sugar Baby (Female)
      My Budget:
      Less than US$1,000 monthly
      I can help you if you can help me”
    6. People who say, multiple times, “I AM REAL!”  make me believe they are not real.  Maybe some of you have had a different experience with that, though. \
    7. Good headers:  “Looking for a smart lady.”  “Looking for a good friend and maybe more” “Looking for the right lady.” “Looking for a woman”  Bad headers: “WHAT’S UP LADIES” “New at this…” “Looking 4 HOTT women”What else can you ladies / gents think of that you find off-putting in profiles?  Leave your comment below!

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Sugar Daddy for the BBW

Just a quick post before I go to work. 

Body image is big in the SD world. My friend joined SA a year a go after she heard of my success of the site. I’m not overweight – though I can recount the problems she faced as a BBW looking for a SD First of all, my friend, although not exceptionally gorgeous is still quite pretty. She is 220 lbs, though back then was around 250. After a month or so at SA, she was beginning to get frustrated with the lack of responses from her profile.

“Men don’t like me because I’m fat.”

Ladies – this is NOT true! There are a lot of men who find skinny girls unattractive. Rich men are no different. So, my friend showed me her profile. It was a disaster. “I know I’m fat, but I’m trying to lose weight!” She sounded almost desperate. We soon replaced that to “I’m a proud BBW who lives healthy and plays hard.” We made her sound confident with herself and who she was.

Second of all, she only posted a face pic. I always encourage people to post full body pictures, because the man wants to know what he is getting into! If you’re saying you’re overweight either specify or post a picture. Overweight for someone could be 180lbs and for others be 300. My friend had to redo her profile completely. She sounded desperate and pathetic… The thing is, she’s NOT. She is proud of who she is, but didn’t translate it well.  Even if you are overweight, wearing the right clothes can make you look voluptuous!

Ladies – don’t be discouraged if it takes awhile for a man to notice you, or not many reply back. Not only the BBW gets that. It’s happened to me too! The important thing is to stay confident, and at least get your name heard. Look specifically for men who are looking for BBW and stay gorgeous!