Good Food &… Wait… Is that your penis?

Answering questions tomorrow (Wednesday)  remember to ask anything you want! 

Warning:  The following post will recount a disaster date.  If you want to hear about penis’, making fun of foreigners, and also happen to like pictures of food. Move on.

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Last Night With Objection, Tonight With X

Objection was running pretty late yesterday trying to get to the bank, and then trying to get to my apartment in rush hour.  We barely made it to Le Bernardin in time for our reservation, which we’d had for awhile now. He knew how much I lovethat place because it reminds me of home. I cook decent French food at home, but nothing compares to Le Bernardin.  Plus, I adore seafood.

If you’ve never been there, get your Sugar Daddy to take you. It’s at 155 W, 51st Street (NYC, obviously)


Enjoyed a nice dinner there, and I got a present!


I’d recently complained about being cold and not having any decent cardigans (I only really have coats, but it’s not cold enough for a coat) so Objection got me agorgeous Diana B cashmere cardigan from Bloomingdales I’d seen a couple of weeks a go.

Isn't it gorgeous? I’m in love with this cardigan! It’s so warm and comfortable!

After dinner we went back to my apartment.  I have my computer desk and chair in the same room at my living room so if I have company I can just bring my computer desk chair to where company is sitting.  It’s a gorgeous chair. It’s where I do my University work (I do most of my courses online, so a comfy chair is essential) and where I write in this blog. Writing and blogging is important too me, and since I’ve had this chair, I’ve been in love with it! (Click here to see) So when Objection accidentally dropped the open bottle of red wine on it, I cried.

Maybe it was immature, but I love that chair on so many degrees. Objection felt horrible and he tried to get the stain out as much as he could (vinegar and baking soda the shit out of it) and it only helped a little. It’s completed ruined, and my heart is completely broken about it. 😦

Objection said he would replace it, but until then, my apartment feels completely bare without it.

After the wine fiasco, we had sex. I was on top most of the time and basically took my frustration out with him, with sex.  Usually, he is the dominating one who pulls my hair, spits on me, and slaps me. I was the dominant one though, and I really think he liked it.


I decided to go ahead and accept the date with X tonight. We’re meeting at 9pm at his hotel. We’ll see how it goes!