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I’ve created a facebook page for ladies who want to meet and befriend other sugar babies. Only we understand the issues that being a SB raises.

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Like it and post there! I’ll answer any questions, and hopefully we can create a nice community. Or maybe just like it because you like my blog.  You can also add me as a friend, just search “”

Privacy settings are set for friends only, so if you don’t want to like the page in fear of someone finding out, just add me as a friend to ask questions and connect.


Who’s Your Daddy and What Does He Do?

First of all, I have three sugar daddies, verging on number four. All my sugar daddies know about each other.

My SD, Objection, came into my life around 2 years a go when I was working another barista job. He would come in everyday, order the same thing, sit down, and call me over. At first it was small things he’d comment on. “SB, I love the coffee today. Did you do anything differently?”  or “SB, I love your hair today, you should wear it like that more often.” It later came down to “SB, I got you these earrings to go with that new necklace I see you wearing.”  Back then I barely knew about the sugar world, and had heard the term “sugar daddy” in passing.  Nothing more.  I soon gave him the pet name Objection, as he works as a lawyer, and when he is opposed to something, he autonomously says “Objection.” I’ve always found it an adorably quirk about him.

Objection is in his late 30’s and

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